Bizarre Emails in Your Mailbox

For the past month I have been receiving bizaree emails. These usually have a nonsense title…stuff like Poobear Redux…Having A Day, etc. If you open them, they are usually solicitations to buy drugs like “Levitra”, or pirated software (i.e. ADOBE Pagemaker for $30.00).
Obviously, these are generated by a program…but how do they pick up your address?
Oh, and there is now a “Zimbabwean Scam”…I received an email from a displaced white farmer…if I send her my bak account number, I will share in the $2 million she has stashed ina Swiss bank account! :wally

There are computer programs that scan pretty much everything on the internet looking for e-mail addresses. They also seem to go through the user lists of free e-mail services like yahoo and msn. Quite a few of the email addresses these programs generate are bogus or no longer in use, so what a lot of them seem to do is send all kinds of random junk to your e-mail just to see if you open any of them. Once you open one, they know you have a valid e-mail address, and then the spam floodgates open. Also, once they know an address is good, it will be placed on a list of known good addresses, which gets sold to other spammers. In fact, some companies do nothing except gather up valid e-mail addresses to sell to spammers.

One thing you can do is set up a “spam catcher” account on any free e-mail service like yahoo or msn. Any time you need to sign up for something online, or in any way give out your e-mail address to someone who isn’t a friend, use this account. This way all of your spam goes to this junk account, and you’re regular e-mail is reserved only for the good stuff.

Unless your stupid little brother, glurg forwarding coaches wife or your wifes barely net literate friend uses the share this with your friends link on a web page.
:rolleyes: :smack:

Right after I became a Doper, I started getting little hi! messages from people with real names at the same account I have listed here in my profile. It was for computer stuff (maybe software - I didn’t look too hard.) My spam-catcher trapped all of them, so I didn’t worry about it. This only happened for about a month.