How do I get put on spam lists?

See I’m thinking I want to start a new collection. Since our house is small, it cant take up much room. It can’t be something that the dogs can get into because they *will * eat it. So I have settled on SPAM, not that oh so delicious canned stuff. I mean of the e-mail variety. I’m thinking along with yer penis enlargement and mortgage spam, you once in a while will get something that is a rare find, maybe you could trade these rare spams with other wonderful people who (like me) collect spam. For example I never got any Nigerian scam letters, I bet a spam from the republicans asking me to contribute to the George W. Bush re-election fund would be a real hoot to have. An what about “Hot teen sluts” doing everything I could possibly imagine – in my mail! Free! With pictures! Nope never got one of them either. So Im going to set me up a free mail account somewhere, lets say spammagnet how Do I attract the spammers?

Sign up for lots of Yahoo groups.

Actually, put your email address on anything that asks it of you. Emode gives a lot of spam. Turn off your Spam filters if you have any and sit and wait. I noticed that my old hotmail account was always filled with spam. So maybe you should start a hotmail account too.

Make a Geocities webpage and put a link to your email address on it.

Sign up for online newsletters, and check the box that allows the publisher to share your address with third parties.

Any time you DO get a spam, click the link that says “unsubscribe”.

Get a Hotmail address.

Ok, Ill give it a go. And I will also post my new spam magnet address so all of you can help me in my quest for spamness.

The good ones I will mention here along with the amount that has come in. To bad hot mail has a space limit. I could bring down a server if I get a good response.

The WORST spam cascade I’ve even been in is when I ordered some langauge software off a dodgy site. I went from maybe one spam a day to 15+ all ending in etc etc. Amazingly when I asked to be taken off their list it actually worked. (go figure) The next worst is when I signed up for a contest and unlike the first instance it doesn’t matter what I do it just pours in.

Last get an MSN email. I got spam from day one when I opened that and I haven’t given the email out to anyone or used it anywhere.

I did this to a slight degree. I had a couple hotmail addresses that I rarely used, so I started signing up for stuff using a different name each time. I did notice that when legitmate companies asked for your e:mail for freebies & coupons, I received next to no spam. There was one popup that had a contest for a plasma TV. That one alone accounted for 2/3 of the spam. So, go with any pop-up contest that is unaffiliated with a major company.

Try to convince spammers that you’re an overweight balding man who likes to gamble and look at naked teens, but has size/erection issues, and pays way too much interest on his mortgage, needs printer ink, and is thinking of getting a correspondence degree/diploma. It also helps to be a lonely christian needing financial counselling regarding his timeshare.

Got to sites that cater to the above and sign up for everything.

CNet article

I wish I had read this thread yesterday! I deleted a SPAM that combined the “someone with your last name died” AND the “need to get money out of Nigeria”. You see, someone with my last name(actually my first name, but hey) died in Nigeria. I coulda forwarded it to ya.
Suggestion: Use your actual email address on newsgroups?

Ya know, I got the Nigerian scam about 20 times. Someone must really not like me. Tell ya what, next time I get one I’ll forward it to you, that’s how much I care about you and your collections.

** Janx ** I have no idea how you do that. I opened this because I just got up, haven’t had any coffee yet, so read the thread title as
** How do I get put on sperm lists? ** :o
And to post under ** MamaHo ** err… MamaHen ( :wink: )

Ahh ** Ayesha ** thought I was in here alone with the sperm and just had to come steal it. Typical! :wink:

Ok. My shiny new spamz all address is
Send me stuff, use it when filling out web forms, forward all the spam in your in box to this address. I don’t care. Now for the fun part, you all being intelligent people probably don’t have hot mail accounts so I’ll tell you about this feature they have. When your signing up, there are these little boxes you can check stating that you authorize them to share your e-mail address with others, and another that says you authorize them to share you personal info with others and yet another authorizing them to share any info with others, well, ya know in keeping with my mission I just checked them all * yes*. then after you find a user name that isn’t being used (I went with cherry_forever16, but somebody already had that one) you have to swear under penalty of perjury that the above information is true and correct. Check. Then comes the even more fun part, 3 pages of “check your interests below” boxes. I checked them all! So far, after 1 hour of life I have only 1 spam, from the staff at Hotmail/MSN personally welcoming me “zaphod_742” to the MSN community, and among other malarkey:

Right. Of coarse you don’t. why is there an asterisk after “except under the limited circumstances”?

Hmmm… instant gratification, sorta brings new meaning to the words “Hot mail” doesn’t it.

Now this is a groovy service, they give me 10 megs of storage for only $19.95 a month, and I’m gonna need it what with all the spam they’re gonna send me.

** Shepherdless ** wrote…

How did you find out so much about me? Have you been following me?

** CarnalK ** wrote…

Damn, me too! Well, if you get another one, I’ll trade you for the one I got from MSN personally welcoming me to the community, I know its unique, 'cos it gots my name right there on it!

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See, that’s my good friend MamaHen, always looking out for my best interests!

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I am speechless.

Heh. I used to use a buddies email address to sign up for stuff, just to help him get plenty of spam. He didn’t know why he got all the stuff!! Never knew anybody who wanted spam!

I have been told I have that power (along with others) over men many times. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

It’s your tongue down his throat.

I’ve done this, it’s how I found out my aol account had a limit of 1000 emails.

There used to be a website called, created specifically for people who want as much spam as they can get and never be removed from spammers’ lists. But it appears to be down now. Too bad, it was a very entertaining parody.

I’ve found that works pretty good for loading up other’s accounts with spam.

Don’t ask how I know, and don’t mention it to my boss.