Poll: How much spam do you delete daily?

I probably delete 50 spam emails daily. Seriously. Not exaggerating at all. Using http://www.sneakemail.com/ helps a bit, but my early internet life of depravity and ignorance has left my yahoo email address floating around spam land. No matter what I do barring getting a new email address I can’t get rid of the spam. And I really don’t want to get rid of my email address. I’ve been using it for about 5 years.

Sorry, [/hijacking my own OP :D] I really don’t want any advice.

Poll: How many spam emails a day do you get?

30-40, but that’s probably because I am on AOL and have had the same email address for YEARS.

my older address gets about 20 a day. The new one, which i never use to fill out personal info anywhere and only gave out to 2 friends gets about 1 a week. I don’t know how they found it the new one but spammers did.

My work address started getting ripe a few months ago. It’s been the same for 5 years now and it’s listed on the company website. I’m probably just lucky it took as long as it did. Everyone else in the office gets them too.

Probably betwen 5-10 a day, give or take.

I got a new address back last summer and probably get about 10 per day. But the old address was getting swamped before I left and I’d done a lot of unsubscribes.

30-50 a day, because I was terribly naive in my early days on the net, then later got caught on the “If you want to be deleted from our mailing list click here” racket, which I later discovered just confirmed to the spammer that here was a valid address that could be sold.

Sigh. I actually bought McAfee’s Spamkiller program last week at Costco because it was only $17 with a $10 mail-in rebate. Our company IT department says I’m welcome to try it, but it will want me to sign up for a monthly fee and always be pestering me to download new material and be a bitch to delete from the system. So now I’m leary. Anybody have experience with this one?

40-60 a day.


Actually, I’ve been testing these so called rackets. I use sneakemail to join these websites, then I remove myself using their link. Using sneakemail lets me track who gives out my email address. I have yet to find a single website that doesn’t indeed remove me from the list. At least my sneakemail address. This “scam” is just an old wives tale, AFAICT. But that doesn’t mean that the service they got my email address from will remove me. They should let us know where they got our email address from. Someone needs to sue them for that information and make that the law so we can track down the perpetrators.


Oh, sorry I forgot to ask. Another part of the poll. What kind of email service do you use? Is it a public free service like Hotmail, Yahooo or is it provided by your ISP? And does the service let you use programs like Outlook and Eudora to read the email (and thus make smam filtering easier)? Yahoo no longer provides free POP3 service. I suspect that I am getting a lot of junk email from people that just get my email address from Yahoo. Even sneakemail can’t prevent that.

So the poll now is:

How many spam emails a day do you get and what service do you use? Do they provide POP3 service?

I get approx. 1 spam e-mail a month, if that. I rarely get spam at all. No filters, nothing :slight_smile:

At my ISP email address, I get NO spam. At my Yahoo account, I delete maybe 1-2 a day (inbox), from my bulk mail at Yahoo, maybe 5-10 a day.

I use my normal ISP email for things like Yahoo Groups and eBay, I am actually surprised I don’t get more spam there - I think my ISP may use filters, but I’m not sure.

At my Yahoo account that I’ve had for years, I’ve been getting spam in my inbox lately from “INVALID_ADDRESS@ .SYNTAX-ERROR”. Yahoo won’t take that as a valid email address to block it, and as a rule I never open spam emails so I can’t find out the real email address it’s coming from…sigh.

None. Zero. Zip.

I have a simple, two-step approach to spam avoidance.

  1. My e-mail server is not provided by some money-grubbing ISP who’d sell out their client database to spammers for a quick buck. (My housemate runs the server.)

  2. I make it abundantly clear to aquaintances that if they ever submit my e-mail address to an e-card site, or an astrology site, or any other crap site that exists primarily to harvest e-mail addresses of the gullible and their associates, I will beat their brains out with anything that happens to be at hand.

It’s worked for two years, so far.

Varies. I also have a hotmail account used just for ebay stuff. Now receiving spam there. I set up a yahoo account, and some spam is starting in. I get some spam at my ISP account.

I use 3 different web-based accounts. I think SDMB got harvested some time back, so the address I registered with here gets 10-15 per day. The 2nd account only gets used for signing up to sites with good privacy policies, and it gets none. The third is only open to family, so it gets none.

I have Hotmail and know I get at least 25 per day. I hate checking my email at work because there are always messages with subject lines that are inappropriate for the workplace. Plus it’s embarrassing.
My work email I get 0 spam emails. It’s so nice…

My yahoo address gets an easy 40-50 pieces of spam a day. My hotmail address is worse, I only check that address every few days because of how little “real” e-mail comes through it.

I use MSN with Hotmail and I get NONE. ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH. It’s fantastic! I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve been on about a year and a half, and not ONE has slipped past the goalie.

30-50 a day on my work email. It’s gotten so bad I had to set up a folder called “From Work” and have real work emails actually sent to it so I wouldn’t miss anything important. I think that the company must have some sort of adult content filtering, though, because I no longer get porn spam.

My home email gets 5-10 a day that slip through the spam filter. I don’t know how some of them slip through, though, because they have titles like “Sarah sucks off german shepherds” and “horny housewives don’t know they’re being watched.”

Yahoo, maybe 2-3 pieces of spam a day. Work, maybe 1-2 a week. I’ve been using this Yahoo address for at least 3 years, and give it out to websites I subscribe to, I feel pretty darned lucky right now!

Oops, my home email is Earthlink.