Send your SPAM to me!

I’m setting up an e-mail account to collect spam. It is:

or to write it in a more obvious way:

I’ve already opted-in to all the default hotmail stuff, and entered it at Does anyone know some other good sites to send it to?

I plan to use it whenever I need to sign up for something too. Feel free to use it yourself, I swear it’s just a dummy account I created.

I’m curious to see how much mail it’ll get. Up to 9 just in the time it took to post this :slight_smile:

Are you collecting spam or people’s email addresses?


I don’t like spam!


Spam! Spam spam Spam Spam, SPAM!, Wonderful Spam!

Just looking for mass-spam sites like I think there was some kind of punch-the-monkey site some time ago, and there must be many others like that.