bad spam, no addy

Since I made my email addy accessible to the TM here at the SDMB, the amount of spam I receive has increased oh, I don’t know, about 900 percent or thereabouts. Therefore, I am withdrawing my email from public view.
All wannabe contactees must in the future ask in public. Nothing personal, and I know that you must be gnashing your teeth and wailing by now. But I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.
If you are a person who has ever turned an addy-harvesting bot loose on this board, I hope you are raped to death by a troop of silverback mountain gorillas who all have hooks for hands.

Bad cop! No doughnut!!!

Hmm, I’ve had no more spam than usual since I put my address up.
Then again, I used my Yahoo address, which already got more junk mail than most small countries.

Big Iron: Yes, BCND. I was an early donor.
Auraseer: I used a newer and very obscure addy from an obscure service (after my hotmail acc. became swamped - that used to be listed here too - I have been weaning myself off it). I grok your perspective but have no other explanation.

You know, I NEVER use my real e-mail address in places like this. I do check the hotmail address I created, but that address is my lastest forum email address. Some are better than others about giving out e-mail addresses. If you’re a e-mail collector, or its facilitator, you are evil. Spam make the internet not fun.

BTW, if you use the strategy I use, be sure to let the e-mail provider you use know when your done with the account. Let’s not spoil it for everyone.