Bizarre Game Endings (unboxed spoilers)

In Earthworm Jim 2, once you defeat Psycrow and win back the heart of the princess, it takes you to a final scene that shows psycrow, Jim, and the Princess, and the game types out a short outro message.

…Then the princess unzips her costume, revealing that she’s a cow. The message is revised. Then Psycrow does the same. The message is again revised.

Then Jim whips off his costume. He’s a cow too. The message is again revised.

Roll credits. What the haemorrhaging fuck?

What other strange game endings can Dopers think of?

The Silent Hill series has a history of having one really, really bizarre ending per game. I’m not inclined to spoil those, however.

Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross both have “programmer’s room” endings. In both cases, you have to beat the end boss as soon as you can (on the second or third time through, this can be done at the beginning of the game). These endings are lots of fun. In fact, there are lots of weird endings for those games. The one in CT where Chrono actually says something stands out.

almost all the endings for “maniac mansion” too many to remeber but i do remember a big WTF for almost every one i got. like the purple meteor writing a manuscript and becoming a star or something.

Some of my favorites:

Metal Slug 3 - After the heroes finally slaughter the alien master, it releases the captive Slug and falls away. The tank lands in the ocean with a splash (with the heroes nowhere in sight). Final scene: Hereos marooned on the floating tank. General Morden…their mortal enemy, remember?..flies by on some kind of hover vehicle, followed by a parade of cheering soldiers. One of the soldiers pulls out his/her pistol…and tosses it in the water.

The only possible explanation I could think of for this weird ending was shot to hell with the release of Metal Slug 4.

Cruisin’ World - The car is loaded on a space shuttle, which blasts off into space. Then-President Clinton flies over and gives an awkward congratulatory message, ending with the immortal words “Don’t inhaaaale!”

World Heroes Jet - Oh boy. Three endings, none of which made a damn bit of sense. In the “ordinary” ending, Zeus’s castle crumbles and he bitterly compares you to a lawyer. In the “somewhat good” ending, he burns in rage and promises you your end time, hahahaha. And of course, the “good” ending, where Jack comforts him, he regains his confidence and resolves to do more Not Nice Stuff, then Jack says something about not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time, and then some unexplained disaster occurs…

Kinda get the feeling ADK was phoning it in for this one?

Golden Axe - After the very short congratulatory message, the game cuts to a Japanese arcade where three kids are playing the very same…ah, you know the rest. :slight_smile: