Bizarre Halloween coincidence...

This is interesting. Last night, All Hallows Eve, I went down to my local Denny’s to have dinner. I had a Veggie Melt, with a side salad and a root beer. When I got the check, the total, with tax, was… $6.66?

Satan, can I have a word with you…

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Are Denny’s restaurants everywhere known for their slow service? Around here, our local Denny’s is notorious for the time it takes to bring anything out. Granted, the few times I’ve gone to Denny’s have been after dances and major football games and the place has been packed. However, you still get the feeling that they’re all back there making your water from scratch because it takes so damn long.

Eh, I don’t expect too much from any place that has pictures on the menus, but when it takes an hour to bring out two glasses of water, a hot fudge sundae, and two spoons, I think it’s getting a bit ridiculous, no?

It’s not Denny’s that has the problem, it’s Perkins. It takes 2 hours to get breakfast there, every time. And it’s not like they haven’t been open forever - they should know how much traffic is coming in on a Saturday morning.
Neuro – I see the problem - you’re trying to get good food for dinner from Denny’s. :wink:

I once bought stuff and it came to 3.34and I gave her a $10.

When I worked in retail, I would always laugh when that figure came up…

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My sister once bought some cat food and a couple other small items for a total of $6.66. When the cashier commented on it, my sister replied, “That’s the price of the beast.”

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There are no Denny’s on Long Island, but we do have Friendly’s. They serve really great ice cream, and the food isn’t bad, but the place is deservedly nicknamed “Slowly’s”.

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

I went with a co-worker to a Pizza Hut lunch buffet a few weeks ago. the total for the buffet and a drink was $6.66. She refused to pay the clerk $6.66, she gave him $6.67 instead. Whatever. Well, I went yesterday, and behold. the price for the buffet and a drink is now $6.67, they raised the price of the buffet one cent. and now you have my two…

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

I think it’s great when total comes out to an even dollar amount.

We had a job number everyone hated to run, that was job 666 at the plant. It was the product not the job number. The job number was an added bonus.

Hey Neuro Trash Grrl, at least ya didn’t order…DEVIL’S FOOD CAKE!!..wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Auraseer: I hear you with Friendly’s. It seems that in the past two or three years their service has really gone down the tubes. The one in my town has suddenly had a hard time keeping workers, and those who have stayed behind really shouldn’t be working in the hospitality industry. Took them over 49 minutes to make my Jim Dandy about 3 months ago. I say over as that was after I looked at my watch, wondering when my sundae was going to come out. Makes me wonder if they had to go back to Wilbraham (corporate HQ of Frendly’s) to get the ice cream and drive to Brazil to get my bananas. Too bad the ice cream is so damn good there.


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Given Denny’s undead breakfast bar, I’m not suprised. The food tastes like wax!!