Bizarre problems accessing the SD site

(I tried posting this in ATMB a few days ago, but it didn’t get many responses. Hoping for better luck here.)

For the past few days, I’ve been unable to access the SD home page and the boards from my home computer, but only after 10:30 in the morning. Early mornings, no problem. Also no problem reaching this site from my office computer at any time. I’ve had no difficulty accessing other web sites from home, although my connection seems to be slower than usual.

Has anybody else experienced anything similar? What on earth could be causing it, and (more to the point) is there any way to fix it?

Fretful: I’ve had problems as well for the past few days. The page won’t load, and then, after a long while, a “connection failure” statement pops up. All my other internet connections are fine. Are you still in Chapel Hill, NC? I’m a bit outside there, but use a Burlington connection. Perhaps it’s a local problem. Anyhoo, it’s obviously working OK now.

Speaking to you from Illinois.

Yeah, I definitely notice the server groans and slows to a crawl after about mid-morning Central Time.

11:00 Central Time is 12 noon Eastern Time and 9:00 Pacific Time, so at the same time Midwesterners are logging on at coffee break time, the East Coast is knocking off for lunch and logging on, the SoCals are just logging on for a minute before they start work, and it’s 5 p.m. in London, and they’re just logging on for a minute before they go home, and Down Under–oh no, math…

[banging head on keyboard repeatedly]

Well, according to when it’s 3:30 on Sunday afternoon in Illinois, it’s 8:30 Monday morning in Sydney. Hah! You guys are at work already and I’m still sittin’ here with the Sunday papers.


I have problems with the pages taking to long to load. I notice if the pages take to long to load and there’s no network activity, what i’ll do is ping a source I know works and then pages come up quicker, like instantly. It’s like when I click on a link, my connection forgets what to do and then I tell it to do something else and it remembers again.

Actually, I tried to ask this question here a few weeks ago, and got the same non-answers. I can get on fine from home, but not from work. The suggestions here had to do with traffic at certain times of the day, but that can’t be it, since on days off, I get on fine during work hours. I think it may have more to do with certain types of connections to the net, but no one seems to suspect that as a culprit. p.s. I have a pc at home and some type of imac at work. And at work, I’m supposed to have one of these almost instant connections vs my 43k modem here. But I have the same problem as you. (well, at least SOME of the same problems as you. :slight_smile:

That is not the way we do things around here. This question belongs in ATMB.

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