It's noon and pages are loading quickly. Is this just a tease?

Did something get fixed or is this just a fluke? Cuz I usually get timed out if I even think about viewing this site on the lunch hour.

Or did I just jinx the whole works?

No kidding – it’s flying, and late last night I gave up after 10 minutes of waiting for a page to load. Are the planets aligned?

Something is different, no question. Because of firewall issues at work, I have to view the SDMB through SafeWeb. Usually I can’t see the boards at all after noon, and sometimes not after 11 a.m. (ET). Here it is, 3:40 p.m., and I can not only view, I can post!

I was just thinking the same thing. Last night even at 10:30 I was timing out, but today ZOOOM!

It appears our Tech Gods’ tweaking has paid off some. Let’s hope it lasts.

So who tweaked what so that the board is moving at light speed in the middle of the lunch hour crush today? Wow.

I can get on at lunchtime also! Did they get a new server?

No new server. Last thing I heard, they optimised the T1 line. Or something. I’m hardly an expert, see. But it had something to do with optimising the connection. The server hardware is still the same, as far as I know.

Well, yesterday it was fast, then slow. Nice try. tease!