Bizarre, Unsolved or Otherwise Infamous True Crime Cases From Your State / Country

Dammit, I wanted to mention Bunny Man! Growing up in Prince William County VA, every sleepover included the Bunny Man story and then when we could drive we’d go to the bridge.

Holy shit Skywatcher, was that a rollercoaster to read! Imagine being so entitled and obnoxious that you’re accused of stalking neighbors who dare to make improvements to their own property. That Hanlon guy sounds like a reach peach to live next to - NOT.

Welp, this is certainly a, er, horrifying case…

Hello Kitty Murder

Possible solution:

Re. the Maura Murray case, I remember reading about it years ago. I wonder how they made a connection between bone fragments 20+ miles away from where she was seen.

And cases not far from where I live on Long Island in NY, since Topologist already mentioned the Gilgo Beach murders above:
The Kelly Ann Tinyes case: there’s ongoing suspicion that the convicted killer didn’t act alone, that his younger brother was involved too

The Martin Tankleff case: he was convicted of murdering his parents and spent 17+ years in jail; he’s been exonerated. Supposedly one of the detectives on the case was friends with the possible killer, a business partner of the elder Tankleff. The case is still unsolved.

And the missing van fiancee in this thread is from Long Island:

I’ve been following the Suzanne Morphew disappearance in Colorado. She supposedly went for a mountain bike ride Mothers Day 2020. Her husband Barry claimed he left the house about 5AM and went to a landscaping job about an hour away. Their 2 adult daughters were on a out of state trip.

There were extensive searches by police and volunteers for months. Her body hasn’t been found. Barry was arrested in early May 2021. A 4 day preliminary hearing was held in August. There was no smoking gun. No blood in the home or vehicles. GPS ruled out using Barry’s bobcat to dig a grave. The DA doesn’t have a body, crime scene or witnesses. There’s no prior record of domestic violence.

The judge is expected to rule that this case goes to trial based on circumstantial evidence. Barry is the most obvious suspect. Suzanne was involved in a long distance affair for 2 years. Barry is allegedly aggressive and controlling.

I’m pessimistic that he’ll be found guilty unless the DA finds new evidence. Suzanne may never be found and what happened will never be known.

Its another example of how easy it is to disappear and never be found. Colorado has a lot of mountain wilderness.

A curious old case - drunken antics gone wrong? spy mystery? why the belated appearance of graffiti?

a goofy non-crime reported in the early 20s antelope valley press paraphrased by me

Let’s see if you can spot why this is news …

One Saturday night one of the prominent civic groups held a barn dance and about 11 o clock it was breaking up and there was a bit of a scuffle as a man identified as marion morrison from Los Angeles was apprehended by a group of ladies that represented a local anti-animal cruelty group. on the suspicion of his horse being drunk since it didn’t walk a straight line… apparently, the horse had a known vision problem and after a few minutes of chit chat he was released and the ladies were “mollified”

Also known as The Man From the Train. One of his purported crimes took place in Rochester, WA, out in the sticks of the county I reside in.

Marion Morrison was the real name of John Wayne

Is there a prize?

This one always intrigued me, a couple walk out of a bar in Philadelphia and vanish without a trace.

If that link doesn’t work, as it appears not to be doing here, maybe this one will

guy hires bad hitman to kill himself.

I bet the SC “hit man” got cold feet and that’s why he only grazed the guy.

yep… your right … you get a Noprize :rofl: (its a marvel comic joke …)

It looks like an infamous unsolved crime in North Carolina may have been solved – earlier today police announced an arrest for the murder of University of North Carolina student Faith Hedgepeth. She was a sophomore at the university when she was found beaten to death in a friend’s apartment nine years ago. The case has been much discussed in true crime communities, with odd clues like a scrawled note by the body and a pocket-dialed voice recording she left on a friend’s phone the night of the murder.

Ultimately it looks like the suspect was caught through a DNA match collected from a DWI stop last month. Interestingly, in their statement about the arrest Chapel Hill police said that, “This investigation is not complete. Our work is not done. . . [until] any parties that have a role in or knowledge of this tragedy are brought to justice,” suggesting they may have evidence that there was someone else involved.

An interesting case indeed. To make two bodies and a truck disappear would seem to require the efforts of more than one perpetrator (assuming murder) and multiple perps make the secret harder to keep. Plus not even a whiff of motive.

Almost nine years ago, I had just moved “here” and this happened.
Two children living with their grandparents.
The house burned down - either set on purpose or accidental.
They found the remains of the grandparents but not the children.
The remains of the children could have been destroyed, or they left, or were taken.
From the article it looks like this was on the Unsolved Mysteries show earlier this year.