Bizzare Holidays

I was looking for information on holidays, and found this site:

Which includes things like the Festival of Total Submission and Marooned Without a Compass Day. There are several other interesting celebrations listed, including Exotic Dancer Day and Nostalgia for the Future Day.

Intrigued, I did a websearch on “Festival of Total Submission” and found nothing but lists that were more or less identical to this one. Surely someone here will know–are these real holidays, or is someone having us on and it’s been cut and pasted around without any questions asked?

Well apparently “Festival of Total Submission” is indeed a holiday, here it is noted in an article titled “Election Day: It’s full of pepper and split pea soup, and a host of other things to honor” link – I think I remember hearing it is a day about “giving up arguements, submitting” but don’t quote me on that.

Wow, this didn’t just drop off the edge of the earth!

Thanks for looking for me–I did see that article, and the problem is that it looks to me as though it was compiled from the same sources I ran across–all the holiday lists that contain these rather odd sounding holidays seem to be copied and pasted, and nowhere is there any sort of description or explanation. In the article it even says something about the writer not knowing what it is, so it sounds like they found it on a list, not like they’ve heard of it anywhere else.

I’m interested, though, that you’ve heard of the Festival of Total Submission, and it’s too bad you don’t remember more, or didn’t come across a cite while you were searching.