BJ's Wholesale Club vs. Sam's Club

I just learned today that my area is getting it’s first BJ’s Wholesale Club (the nearest one is currently 80 miles away in Ohio - I’m in Pittsburgh). They’re just starting on the foundation so it won’t open for at least a few months. I have a Sam’s Club membership and like it (Costco locations aren’t convenient).

What do you think of BJ’s vs. Sam’s Club? I took a quick look at BJ’s website and it seems like their product selection and prices are pretty similar. Does BJ’s have gas stations? The new BJ’s will be in a busier shopping area than my current Sam’s Club is, so unless they’re offering at least a free trial membership or some other benefit, it may not be worth my while to even try it out.

Comments, suggestions, etc.? Thanks.’

I think they do offer one-day passes so you can see what they have to offer. I’d particularly expect them to do that in a new market.

We have both BJs and Costco around here. I am not a connoisseur of big box warehouse retail outfits like that. But having tried both they are indistinguishable to me.

There are just BJ’s around here. I there’s a Sam’s Club at one point, but BJ’s is more convenient.

I’ve been using BJ’s for years. Good selection, lots of coupon sales (and it’s rare that they run out of a coupon item. Big issues is their lack of low-salt items (but I suspect the other clubs have the same problem). Their store brand stuff is always good.

I do know that before BJ’s came to town, there were a lot of complaints that there was no supermarket in that side of town; I haven’t heard them since then.

Back in the 80s, I did graphic design for one of their brochures, digitizing their location maps.

Yes. Around here they’re usually around 10-15 cents a gallon cheaper than most others.

Almost 25 years since I was last in a Sam’s Club, so I can’t compare the two.