Black Adder returns !

Thats right folks, Black Adder will be on PBS starting next tuesday in a series entitled :

Black Adder Back and Forth

in which our hero will be involved in time travel. I know that the guest list includes Kate Moss at this point.

Adder fans unite !

I am psyched . . .

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Er…sorry to disappoint, but it’s a one-off special from last year (Millennium-related and all that) and it’s not very good.

Yeah, it was done specially for the Millenium Dome here in London. I saw it at the Dome and… nyeh. It’s ok. Nothing special, i’m afraid.


Baldrick, you wouldn’t know a good episode if it painted itself purple and danced naked on top of a harpsychord, singing “Good Episodes are here again”!

My local PBS, WHYY in Philly, ran it last weekend. I was all set to scream with laughter like I usually do when I watch Blackadder, but boy, did it ever not happen! Loved seeing all the old regulars but it couldn’t have been more NOT funny. They ran a special afterwards of clips that didn’t make it to the final whatever and it was like they deliberately cut all the funny parts. And when I looked at the copyright at the end it was 1996!!! But WHYY did say there were new ones coming, maybe only 5 years instead of 10. So if more come on, I’ll watch them anyway.

ah hell . . . .

I thought it was to be new series.

damn !

What the heck is Rowan doing these days anyway ? Surely he could come out with another set of BA episodes.

Oh well, sorry - thanks for the info.

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I keep hearing references to this series but have never seen a single one (maybe it’s my backwoods PBS station). Can I get episode copies at Blockbuster? What’s the premise?

It’s not a series, it’s a one-off special (as said above).

I won’t spoil the premise, because it’s just the one episode.

It’s the worst episode since Worsty the Worstometer got himself worsted on his worstable.

I think astro means Blackadder in general, matt.

Check out the Official BBC Blackadder Pages

Ah, sorry astro, coldie. My bad.

I just saw it this last week, and it wasn’t that bad. It definitely had its moments, though they seemed to be trying too hard to put too much into too little time. But you had to love his beating up William Shakespear…

Oh, one more thing - according to, it will be available on DVD and video on May 15th.

I’m with Smeghead and Dubs—it was lovely seeing Edmund, Baldrick, Melchert, Elizabeth, George and Darling all together again, but the script was not up to par. Not terrible by any means and did have some good moments; but one expects more from these people.

It was shown during a WNJN pledge drive, and there is no way I would ever give money to the two prats they had droning on and on between (and during) the shows. The woman kept saying how much she LOVES “Red Dwarf,” then proceeded to mispronounce every character’s name; and the man TALKED OVER THE BLACKADDER CLOSING THEME.

A lot of PBS stations claim they like Red Dwarf, then hardly ever run them. :frowning:

Good thing the series is on video. :slight_smile:

Another series you might consider is The New Statesman, which stars Rik Mayall (of The Young Ones) and which was also written by Ben Elton. Set during the Thatcher Years, it looks a bit dated, but there are enough similarities to Blackadder that it may be worth watching.

Oh, and by the way, Kate Moss (Maid Marian in the new “Blackadder”) “the most beautiful woman in England?!” Jee-zus! Have ALL their pretty girls moved to Los Angeles?

For those wanting something more up to BA standards, check out “The Curse of Fatal Death”, a Dr. Who send-up Rowan Atkinson did in association with Comic Relief. Entertaining for fans of either show.


Yeah, I’ve heard of that, doc_miller. Sadly, though, it’s not available on video or DVD here (North America) yet. Hopefully soon.

Well, Atkinson’s done quite a bit since the days of BA. Quite a bit of it has been really good (I liked The Thin Blue Line and Mr. Bean, and various movies). I was just checking the IMDB to see what he’s up to next. There’s an interesting looking movie called Rat Race that he’s in. But he’s also in the new Scooby Doo movie as the villain, I think. And guess who stars: Freddie Prince Jr. & Sarah Michelle Gellar. What little hope I had for that movie just got flushed down the drain.