black and white cats

If an all black cat and an all white cat mated, would the kittens be black&white?

I think it would depend on quite a lot of things. I’ve seen kittens that didn’t have either parents’ markings/coloration suggesting possiibly a recessive pattern. I know in the case of Siamese, coloration is partially determined by body temperature (extremeties slightly cooler than trunk so you get darker colors there)

There is almost no way to tell what a litter of cats will look like unless they are pedigreed, etc.
I have 2 cats from a litter of 5. They look nothing alike. I’ll go through all the weirdness for ya! :
Parents: 1 monstrously huge orange tabby and a longhaired grey (non-persian)
The litter: 1 long haired black, 1 long haired white, 1 brown tabby and 2 orange tabbys. It’s all a big crapshoot!
OTOH my other cat is a bush rescue and he and all his parents, brothers and sisters are all black as midnight, but that’s probably because they run around in a big pack (at least they did, I’ve moved since I got him.)

I don’t know my triplets parentage, but they are:

  1. A short-haired all grey female

  2. A short-haired all black female

  3. A long-haired all gray male, but a different (warmer) gray than the short-haired one.

But they have the same eyes, there’s no mistaking that they’re littermates.

My all black cat and my all white cat had kitties last year.
3 were all black
1 was a tortie
My all white cat also had a litter with her sister (please spare me the lecture, they are all spayed and nuetered now) The sister is a black and white cat
3 torties
1 grey and white
My all white cat also had kittens with my tortie.
1 orange and white
2 torties
1 al white

not too sure if that answers anything but there you go

also no matter what the vet tells you, spay your cat at 8 weeks because contrary to my vets belief boy cats at 4-6 months of age can indeed breed.

FWIW< The stray we took in( a previous tenant moved and she stayed) dropped 2 litters on us. She’s Brown Tabby w/White

As far as we know, Pops was just a Tabby(w/o white)

of the 10 kittens,
5 were tabby w/white (litter 1,2 males,1 female / litter 2,1 each)
5 were black & white (litter 1, 1 each/ litter 2,2 females,1 male)
One trait we did notice among them all was thier feet are all tipped with the white, irrespective of thier state of Tabbiness.

In the mean streets, the Queens are known to mate with more than one male, so I have absolutly no doubt that a stray B&W got to her.

BTW All have good homes and are happy now. Our boys are neutered. No more strays for us thank you.

We had one litter. The mom cat was a pure black shorthair, the dad was a black-and-white ‘tuxedo’ cat with long hair.

Of the kittens, there was one shorthair black, one longhair black and white, and one gray medium hair.

Even cloning doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same markings, though. Perhaps heat plays a role, such as it does in the development of the patterns on ball pythons.