Black Flame

i heard somewhere (i won’t say bcuz i know you guys think this particular source is a bunch of idiots already.) that a “black flame” - the hottest flame in the universe - had been discovered. do you know where it is? i doubt anyone could guess how hot it is.

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It refers to temperature??? I thought it was some satanic cult.

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i have never heard of a “black flame”. how ever since since black is just an absence of light and oxidaition can occure at room tempreture, i would have to say a black flame would be nothing more then a rusting nail. far from the hottest thing in the universe. you might be able to call what happens to matter as it is compressed in the accelartion disk of a black hole (certainly one of the hottest places in the universe) after it spirals beyound the event horizon a black flame, but only in the sense that a lit match on ther otherside of a brick wall is a black flame.

with out your source or more info from it, there really is not much more i can say.

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Hows that for a guess?

Not any more.

Yeah, I saw that coming. At the risk of getting shouted at, he was warned about this before.

As this thread is still open, and in GQ,

Can someone explain what the deal is with the OP?

Is Black Flame some offensive term or something? I’m not getting this thread at all.

Me neither. I just googled it, and it is a satanic group.
Nothing to do with flames, per se.

Methinks the OP got his/her info either from Weekly World News, or from some sci-fi/fantasy novel.

I’m interested in knowing the source, gypsymoth3, and I don’t care how stupid you think it is. :slight_smile:

Anyway, blackness is simply the absence of light. It can either mean no lights are on (in the additive color world, like a TV set) or that all light is being absorbed (in the subtractive color world, like a painting). As flames are in the additive color world, a black flame would be a flame that doesn’t emit any visible light at all. I don’t know if that’s possible, but I doubt it.


Invisible flames aren’t unusual… Methanol burns without visible flame IIRC, makes for interesting moments in CART and IRL races when the fuel hose breaks off the nozzle and the fuel hits the exhaust headers… Sometimes it takes the safety crew a second to realize that the person jumping around needs a bucket or two of water dumped on them.

I don’t believe methanol burns particularly hot, though…

Just the cacklings of a corvid,


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::shrug:: Sounds like crap to me

Also I’m usually good at guessing these things.

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A Physics archive search gave no results for black AND flame. If it was discovered, either it wasn’t done by a scientist, or they’re not telling anyone about it, or they’re calling it something else.

i didn’t mean for anyone to confuse this thread with a satanic group or anything like that. i guess i didn’t explain enough.

i heard about it, you geussed, in my christian school. it was used in reference to Hell since Hell is supposedly completely pitch black, but yet on fire at all times. but i was just curious about it’s existence, not wanting to debate hell.

you know how a blame can be red, orange, and/or blue? blue being the hottest of the three, i think. yeah, well that’s what i’m referring to.

Ah. Well, I’m sure a physicist might be along to discuss blackbody radiation … but you’d be talking about a chemical reaction that emitted photons in the ultraviolet or higher range of frequencies (and hence invisible to human eyes). Or infrared or lower (not that hot). Of course, these wouldn’t be BLACK flames, they’d be INVISIBLE flames (quite different)–like the methanol fires The_Raven mentions.

I guess hell is a race track? Brings new meaning to the phrase “the pits of hell.”

For blackbody burners (don’t be fooled by the name; they can be many colors), the color of a flame is uniquely determined by its temperature. For low-temperature stuff like 300K (human body temperature), it’s black. (I don’t have any problem calling something which emits negligible visible radiation black.)

For flames up around 2000K, it’s red. The sun is around 6000K, and it’s yellow. It goes up to white and then blue, at a few tens of thousands of Kelvin. Beyond that, it stops. Everything will remain blue, but get brighter and additionally emit more high-energy radiation that we can’t see.

Not everything has to be blackbody. You could have an X-ray pulsar which is black and energetic. (Realize that this is a very different kind of black from a 300K blackbody. We can only see a small band of light, right in the middle; if the light is too low or too high in energy, it’s invisible.) But, if it’s not blackbody, it’s kind of meaningless to talk about its temperature. So “hottest” wouldn’t be correct.

If you’re unsure about a scientific discovery someone tells you, ask to see it in a textbook, or if it’s too recent for that, a magazine. I know I probably get confused and mishear a lot of politics stories I come across, so I think it’s reasonable that a lot of non-scientists mishear science stories they come across.

Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?