Black Metal Veins, good god!


I think this has to win some kind of award as the single grossest drug addict documentary ever produced, I’m not exactly some sober prude either and it made my monocle fall off. Its just gross period, these people live in hell. If this thing isn’t faked or scripted I’m not even sure how many non-drug crimes are documented.

Statutory rape, intentionally trying to inject a fetus with heroin(I’m not joking) it goes on.

Link? Description? Anything?

I dunno… I still think krokodil beats heroin on all counts for drug-induced horror. Well, OK, the krokodil addicts probably don’t engage in much crime due to the flesh falling off their limbs which does limit one’s ability to do things, but other than that… :::shudder::::.

First I’d heard of this drug. Just did some googling, and oh my god. Oh. My. God. :eek:

There’s a threshold at which the abject depressingness of all these junkie exposés exceeds my morbid curiosity to watch them, and based on the description I think this one probably qualifies.

What?! Why would someone do that? Like…I don’t see the point. Do they think the fetus wants to get high with them, or something?

I mean…if I’m a junkie, why would I want to waste MY heroin on someone else? At least not for someone that can’t give me money/sex/something else in return for it?

Not sure how that would even work. An aborted fetus, or a viable one? Do they keep poking around in her abdomen until they feel a kick?

It’s my understanding that virtually all of the physical harm from heroin addiction is due to the street drug being cut with garbage; medically pure heroin doesn’t do much to you in terms of physical health.

Every time krokodil comes up, the advice I hear is “don’t google it.” I never have, and the reaction of those who do convinces me this is a wise policy.

Yeah. I just googled it and I really wish I hadn’t.

I googled it last time it came up. I honestly thought that was photoshopped imagery. Gross even so but alas it was real. Talk about not being able to unsee.

You’ve piqued my interest. My deep, abiding love for the dark side of mankind has me curious to seek this out. I’ve also been known to perversely enjoy pictures of krokodil addicts, though (and the penultimate scene in Martyrs) so YMMV.

Evidence 1A: Keith Richards. As long as you can afford to not go through withdrawals and have a continuous supply of the good stuff, you can shoot heroin for life.

Me too… >_< I’m going to go throw up forever now

Ugh. Vascular ulcers. The worst. I’ve seen some 15 years old and still not healing - but it sounds like the Krokodil addicts are dying long before that’s an issue.

Seriously, don’t google it. I’m the weird nurse chick who’s actually fascinated with unusual wounds and wound care and I’m grossed out and saddened. This stuff is just fucking sick.

I had to look, I am now off to scrub my brain with a toothbrush in the hopes I can get rid of those images. WTholyF is that stuff.

Well, I was curious as well, but thoroughly warned above, I confined myself to Wikipedia and their description. Seems the problems with this drug is from it being improperly prepared, along with the usual problems associated with uneducated, poor, drugged, stupid, and indifferent, needle users.

In an uncharacteristic display of restraint, I’m not gonna Google it further.

A woman announces she is pregnant, then the bearded dude can be seen injecting heroin into her uterine area.

I find the most extreme pics of the kroc damages to be suspect. Seems there are like 5-6 extreme pics that are repeated across the Web over and over. The ones where the people are showing massive muscle loss and exposed bone on their arms look photo shopped to me.

More or less; it’s my understanding that the “attraction” of krokodil is that it can be made by unskilled people with extremely cheap ingredients. The result being a horrible mix of nasty substances that happens to have the drug desomorphine in it.

It’s not quite the same as with heroin, where you have a relatively safe drug that has contaminates added. With krokodil, the contaminants are a direct result of how the stuff is made.