Black Rage, what is it exactly?

This whacky looking movie cover is making the rounds, but this thing is steerange! Two slave brothers, one an albino?:confused: Despite the 70s look you’ll notice the movie was actually released in 1999 and only on VHS…odd.

My initial theory was a really strange gay porn, but all descriptions say thriller. Anyone seen it?:stuck_out_tongue:

Wikipedia says it’s a 1972 film.

It’s a retitling of the 1972 I-assume-classic Charcoal Black, if that helps.

It is, indeed, a re-release of Charcoal Black. The phrase “black rage” was popularized by the loony legal defense of Colin Ferguson.

Heh, I associated the phase more with a few Law & Order episodes that referenced it.

Totally looks like a gay porno.

looks like the coloured man is going to wreak his revenge on poor whitey :slight_smile:

Talk about reparations :smiley:

Yeah, it was cooked up by who humorist P.J. O’Rourke called William *‘the-client-is-obviously-guilty’ *Kunstler! :smiley: