What movie is this from circa 1999?

In 1999 I watched part of a movie on cable. I wasn’t able to finish it, and never got the title and I didn’t at the time recognize the actors.

The scene I remember most, were these two guys who drive to a house in the desert (like AZ maybe). They have drugs, which I think they remove from the trunk of their car. They end up partying with these two women in the house. Other guys, perhaps another group of bad guys show up and there is a shoot-out.

The movie had a look like a Quentin Tarantino movie from that time period, but it wasn’t a Tarantino movie. If I remember correctly, everyone in this scene was white. Normal background music, nothing hip-hop/rap to it. I saw this on cable in 1999, so the movie was maybe that year or earlier. It wasn’t a period film, meaning it didn’t look like it was from the 1970s.

Any helpful suggestions to what movie this might be would be appreciated.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

Thanks for the reply. I just skimmed through it on Netflix. That’s not it, but it has a cinematography look like that from what I remember.

Do remember the genre (even just drama/comedy)? Do you remember if it just happened to have some incidental drug use in it or did the drugs play a major part in the movie in some way or another?
Boogie Nights?
California and I believe there was coke in the trunk of a car and a shoot out at a house.

Good questions! It was a drama, maybe drama/action. Definitely not a comedy.

My impression was these guys were possibly told to go to this house to meet others for a drug deal. While there, I don’t remember these details but these women arrived and I don’t know if they know them or not. Perhaps it was because they had drugs and they end up partying with them. I do remember thinking this guys need to stay focused and sharp to do their drug deal, but here they are having sex with these women, and then other bad guys show up and there is a shoot-out.

I do remember the house was empty when they arrived. Seems like it was a meeting place to do the drug deal.

I remember the movie because I couldn’t find it to watch the whole thing. I was watching something else which reminded me of it, and realized I never saw the movie and don’t know the title of it.

I don’t know their back story. At the time I was expecting the movie to be run another a bunch more times on cable that week like they usually did but never saw it again. This has to be December, 1999 when it was on cable.

I don’t recall anything noteworthy in the dialogue to do a search on that.

I don’t have any idea what film this was, since the answer could be “every drug film ever,” but I do have a suggestion. Go to Wikipedia and look at their list for “drug films.” You can scroll down the list and select possibles by the year they were made. Most of the film titles will do a pop-up with the movie poster. Maybe you can narrow it down from just that. For example, many of the films feature mainly inner-city or black characters. Depending on what you remember, this might make it worthwhile to look at a more detailed source for plot points.

Based just on the fact that the action takes place in a desert and involves drug-dealing, I would have guessed Traffic, but it was made in 2000 and I don’t recall that scene from the movie.

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Was it 2 Days in the Valley?

The movie Go came out in 1999, and I thought it was Tarantino-lite.

I was wondering about that on as well, but I haven’t seen it since it was in the theaters and don’t remember if there were any desert type scenes. Also, isn’t most of the partying in raves.

However, it makes any difference to the OP, I believe Go was about ecstasy.

I only watched it once because I didn’t think it was nearly as good as the IMDB rating, even,and I don’t remember it well but the OP first brought to mind Truth or Consequences, N.M. BUT then I thought that if they had the year wrong maybe it was 2000’s The Way Of The Gun.

I also thought of this. Is it this one?

Was it John Carpenter’s Vampires?

There is a scene in a desert where group of guys hook up with random women in a hotel/motel in the desert and main vampire baddies show up and a shootout occurs. Bloody, action, gore violence. Tarantino-esque.

The description made me think of The Salton Sea, but it came out in 2002. Not sure if the scene mentioned occurs in it (it’s years since I’ve seen it). But there’s definitely white guys, drugs, and a desert.

I don’t remember if there was a drugged out scene in Destiny Turns on the Radio, but it was set in Vegas, was from around that time, and Tarantino played a role in it (presumably because the director liked his stuff).

ETA: Looks like the film was largely panned. Skimming reviews on IMDB, it looks like a lot of people thought it was a Tarantino film, rather than just a film that he happened to be acting in, and they’ve crapped on it because it wasn’t what they were expecting. It’s actually a pretty decent flick. I recommend.

There are no shoot-outs in Go.