Black ties

I’m doing costumes for Death of a Salesman, and I need four black neckties. Anyone have any idea where I might be able to find them, preferably at stores that might be located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia? (I don’t want to deal with the shipping time).

I was looking for one recently, and had a lot of trouble finding one. I got a cheap, ugly one at Wal-Mart, but later bought a nice high-quality one at a Men’s Wearhouse.

You could also get 4 decent thrift store ties for the backing, and sew them out of black polyester. IIRC neck tie patterns are fairly simple.

It wouldn’t be hard to make them, especially since they won’t be seen up-close.

Go to your local police/fire uniform supply store. They’ll have plain black and navy blue ties. They’ll also be polyester & fairly cheap.

If you can’t find such a store locally, here’s a link to a pilot uniform store that also sells them: . The URL to the tie page wasn’t in a format that’d post properly here, so you’ll have to start from the home page link I posted. From there click on “Pilot Shop” on the main menu, and then “Uniforms” on the sub-menu. $7.95 in 6 styles.

If you decide you don’t like that dealer, Google on [pilot uniform tie] and you’ll have your choice of another hundred retailers.