Got old ties? Send 'em to me!

I want to make a dress out of neckties. Has anyone seen those? They’re pretty cool. So I have to accumulate some ties first. I figure that ties are something a lot of guys have a stash of that they hate and never wear, so I figured I’d stop here first and ask if anyone has any that they don’t want, and if they’d send them to me? You can email me for my address… I’ll paypal you the cost of shipping.

Tacky and hideous is fine, btw.

A necktie dress, how very cool! I’ve never seen an entire dress made of ties. My mom made me a necktie skirt, oh so many years ago. I think I gave it away when I went to college and thought it was uncool. I wish I’d kept it. :frowning:

Sorry, I don’t have any old ties to share with you.


Cool! I’d like to see a pic of this sort of dress. Where’d you get the pattern to make it?

No pattern.

The cool thing is that the shape of the tie helps create the hourglass shape of the dress.

I’ll give you a bunch at Dope-A-Ween if you remind me.

Subject to Lady Chance’s approval, of course.

There’s a thrift store chain out here “Thrift Town” that sells old ties by the bag. (Like a bag of 20 for maybe 2 or 3 bucks.) Thrift stores are a goldmine for old ties!

I’ll do it. Have to be next week, tho, I’m running short on time for a couple of jobs I’m on.

I have a mixed assortment of no longer or never used ties. Some are silk that have stains, some are Herb the salesman (WKRP) ugly, some I’ve just grown tired of. Any standards?

Will e-mail for address.

No standards. If they are too nasty I just won’t use them, or I’ll cut out the nasty parts or something.

OpalCat, if you end up with too many ties, can I have your extras? I’m making crazy quilts.

Sure, though if I get a whole crapload I will probably make two dresses, or maybe a dress and a skirt. Then I’ll pass you the extras :slight_smile:

Great idea. My grandmother made waistcoats for my brother and cousin for their 21st birthdays year. She used ties from them, their fathers and grandfathers and also made a little book the described the significance of each tie (e.g. “your grandfather wore this to your christening”, “this is the tie your grandfather wore to your parent’s wedding”, “this was your dad’s schooltie” etc). She called it the ties that bind. For both of them, their very first ties were bowties they wore to my aunt’s wedding when they were 4 years old, she used these as the tie things along the back.

Ties make very good patchwork clothing.

Sorry Opalcat, I’m keeping my ugly tie collection. And the others I use. Besides, New Zealand is a long way away. But I agree, it is a cool idea. I’ve only seen a tie dress once before and it looked really stunning.

Patchwork is also a good idea. My sis is into quilting, so I might suggest the idea to her. Who knows what she will do with it.

Oooh, too cool, Opal. I’d love to see pictures of the final product; as MagicEyes said, I’ve seen a necktie skirt, but never a full dress. Good luck to ya! :slight_smile:

I’ve picked you out a beaut-- neither out of style nor particularly attractive. Just a tie I no longer wear that I’d be happy to contribute. I emailed you for the address.


If you get a lot more ties than you’ll need for your project, you can always make a quilt.:cool:

Let me see,
1960’s paisley and tie-die, check.
1970’s extra wide, check.
1980’s extra slim, check.
1990’s blinking lights holiday special, check.
They are all yours. Please.

Does anyone remember the “Human Jukebox”? He used to wander the streets of San Francisco in a cardboard box with all the songs he would play for you written on the box. After belting out the songs you had requested, he would offer you a free tie from a box of ties he carried around with him.[/slight hijack]