I hate neckties

I finally get to voice my opinion now that I have retired.

I vow never to put on another one of those nooses around my neck until my dying day. Even at my funeral. Fashion or not, the whole idea is stupid.

You ladies are free to chime in please, I am sure you have an similar story.

Me? Hawaii shirt, short camo pants, slip-on shoes. I am good to go.

I have taken my Daddy’s ties (100s). I am planning to turn them into quilt. I havent had the heart to cut yet. Soon, maybe.

I never liked the stupid things, either. Back in the day, when I had to wear a tie every day, I would put it on in the parking lot just before I walked in the building and it came off the moment I stepped outside. I still can’t see how that piece of material was supposed to make me a more productive employee…

Other than once saving a brand new white shirt from a ketchup stain, I have nothing good to say about ties.

I’m sure they’re very uncomfortable.

But you guys look so handsome in them, along with a nice suit.

Ties were part of the reason I pursued the career I did - by and large, computer programmers don’t have to wear them. :smiley:

I never once wore one because I had to. I never gave in.:cool:

I love ties, and I look FANTASTIC in a suit, and the best part is I can enjoy wearing them.
The clothing thing that I hate/hated is/was being forced to wear a polo shirt tucked into khakis. I look like crap in polo and khakis.

I can’t say I like wearing a tie - godsbedamned nooses - even if I do look quite nice in one.

I really don’t care for formal wear period, though. Give me business casual or less any day.

I have it on good authority that every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man.

I wear bowties to the office. I own something like a twelve to one ratio of bow to long ties and the long ties I own usually have a pinup girl or beer graphics.

I like to see my men dressed up. Doesn’t happen a lot. What my family needs here is another wedding. I don’t think that’s going to happen, though.

Most of them don’t dress up. My husband didn’t have to wear a tie to work ever, my sons don’t either. They are business casual and probably the last time one of them wore a tie was his job interview, if then. None of them seem to mind getting dressed up, they just don’t do it a lot. My youngest one did cotillion and he was kinda into it, although you wouldn’t think that to see him now.

But yeah, every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

Bow ties? Only if it’s black tie. Kilts? Total dealbreaker. Sorry.

I suspect I ought to try bow ties. A short torso does not look good with a long tie.

Nobody wears ties where I work (a university). So, being the contrarian, I will occasionally don one just to raise eyebrows. Everyone wonders what the heck you are up to (job interview, maybe?). I’ve decided that wearing a tie is the new NOT wearing a tie.

(and anyone who thinks they are uncomfortable is probably buying their shirts with too small a neck size)

I wear them so infrequently I like it when I have to, just for the novelty, but if I had to wear one every day I’d probably hate them too.

I’ve made it a habit in the last few years to notice men’s ties. Some have interesting patterns and colors and I’ve noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a standard width (except I don’t see super narrow ones, circa 1950’s or so) or thickness of the knot these days. Bow ties are a fun alternative and should probably be worn more.

That said, I don’t have a preference as to whether guys wear them or not. Be as casual or as formal as you want, I say.

Since Cabin_Fever asked about us women, surely high heels must be more uncomfortable than a tie. Even in my youth, I’d only worn them a few times. Give me a good pair of walking shoes instead.

And that, I think, is a big part of the appeal. Women have lots of options, but if you’re a man who has to dress up, your tie is pretty much your only opportunity to wear “interesting patterns and colors.”

I always wear a tie to work - I am the only one in the office who does, but I don’t intend to stop - wearing a tie reminds me I am at work - taking it off at the end of the day is a specific activity that I mentally associate with going off duty.

Also, it makes for funny dynamics sometimes - I was in a meeting with a bunch of colleagues and a collection of suppliers one time - I was the most junior person in the room, but people kept looking at me when there was a decision to be made, because I was the only one wearing a tie.

All shirts have too small a neck size.

Neckties should be wiped from the Earth and we should re-write history in an effort to pretend they never existed.

Not only are they pointless, uncomfortable and potentially fatiguing, we enforce wearing them even above security concerns.

My evidence? I fly planes for a living. A tie is, unfortunately, part of the traditional uniform. Back when we all lost our minds after 9/11, everyone (in and out of aviation) started wearing IDs, often on lanyards. Very quickly, the “lanyard industry” developed the standard that they have a breakaway design. That’s so nobody can grab it to strangle or hold you.

So what do airlines and charter companies do? Issue you a breakaway lanyard… and a goddam necktie that can be used to strangle or hold you!!!

I bought a clip-on, but still. This is madness.

Hardly anyone in Silicon Valley wears them, except lawyers and bankers. Salesmen stopped maybe 10 years ago. Now people giving talks at conferences don’t either.