Storing neck ties

Over the years I have accumulated many many neck ties. Some rather expensive, some not so much.

I no longer wear them, but I may again some day and I need to figure out the best way to store them.
Any suggestions?

Depends on how much you want to spend on keeping them stored…I’ve always kind of wanted a tie caddy but never wanted to pay eight bucks for them. I’d be tempted to get ONE, to figure it out, and then make my own out of TP or paper towel cores.

Mine are all rolled to avoid creases and stored in a Rubbermaid™ shoe box.

Pretty much this. I only wear one for occasions where my usual Hawaiian shirt would really tick someone off. My nice ties are all rolled and stashed in a drawer with tissue paper above and below them.

I keep mine rolled up and laid out on a shelf in my wardrobe.

I roll them up and put them in the bottom of my sock/underwear drawer. They never wrinkle that way.

Soak them for 3-5 days in kerosine, followed by 6 hours in toulene. Leave them to dry on some rocks in the sun for two weeks. Cram them into a plastic bag, compressing them as much as possible. Wrap the bundle tightly with 6 layers of foil, and bury in dry sandy soil. This is the ONLY way to keep your ties safe from the dreaded Tie Weevel,

Or, if you live in a tie weevel free zone, you could just roll them up and put them in a storage box, as described in previous posts.
Regards (feelin silly tonight)


Make sure you keep 4 of the softest handy in a dresser drawer. They’re cheaper than handcuffs and they don’t chafe as much.


I use a multiple pants hanger similar to this. On the model I have, I can fit 6 or so ties on each tier, so ~30 for the whole hanger, and they take up the same space as a pair of pants in the closet. That’s my whole tie inventory. I have more closet space than drawer space, so this is dandy for me.

I suppose this is where those single socks could be useful. Roll the tie and stick it in the sock. One sock should be good for 4 to 5 ties.