Black Toilet Seats - Common in Your Area?

It must be simply a thing I don’t notice. I’ve been to the Mayo and Rochester twice over the past few years to visit a friend there, and spent probably a total of a week there, but it’s never jumped out to me. I would have originally answered “no,” but now I think the answer is “yes” and it simply is something I don’t notice.

Same here.

I remember black toilet seats in School buildings. Maybe government buildings too? Commercial plumbing.

I vaguely recall black trending in home design. Black sink, Black tub, black marble countertops, etc. It didn’t last long and probably made the homes hard to sell afterwards.

I’ve seen them somewhere, but don’t recall where, and it was years ago. It didn’t make an impression. Just thought of it as a colored toilet seat. People have different decorating taste was my only thought.

I’ve seen a lot of them (Wisconsin). Our toilet is an odd size, and the only color we could find for it was black. So we got a shower curtain with some black in it, and it looks great.

The weird toilet seats, to me, are the padded ones. I remember them being the height of “classiness as perceived by unclassy people”, like my dad’s aunt back in the 60s. Haven’t had to peel butt off one of those for thirty years…

Oooh, I HATE padded toilet seats. I’m mostly indifferent to the color, though.

I’m really only talking about the black “horseshoe” shaped seats on white public toilets.

I took a photo of one in Minnesota, but I’m not posting it because I don’t want so see it every time I look at this thread. Even the photo bugs me.

I’ve seen black seats on black toilets in private homes and restaurant bathrooms around here, but I wasn’t really considering those. I don’t like them, but I’m not phobic about them, so they don’t stick in my memory the same the others do.

With regard to my initial statement that black toilet seats were only causing minor anxiety now - now that I’m back in NJ, I realize how much they really were stressing me out. Note that I always made sure my mom’s bathroom door was closed so I didn’t have to glimpse it, and I hated just going into the bathroom to use the sink because there it was.

Phobias are so weird.

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i see them in public places ike restaurants and such I think its one of those corporate things places buy in bulk like 8-12 at a time

Looks like this thread was resurrected by a since-cornfielded spammer; one wonders if that spammer was posting a link to where one can purchase high-quality black toilet seats?

I was a janitor for a few years when I worked in an auto parts factory, in central Indiana. All the toilet seats there were black, except in some of the rest rooms in the office building, where they were very stained white seats. Nothing I could do would make them white again, so I started removing them one by one, and the pipe fitter replaced them with new black ones.