Does it bother you...

if you sit on a toilet seat in a public restroom, and the seat is still warm from someone else’s butt? A stranger’s buns?
I ask because I’m wierd, but also because the other day while I was washing my hands a co-worker came in and sat down in one of the stalls. I told him it was a good choice because I’d just warmed it up for him.
He took it much more seriously than I expected. :smiley:
Anyway, I’m just idly wondering why something so silly would give a grown man the creeps. Some women too, I’m sure, but I avoid their restroom.

Better warm than wet.

I find it quite pleasing, but in a weird shamefull kind of way.
Like that one time when I tried on a pair of my girlfiriends pantyhose.

It makes me squeamish but hey I gotta pee.

I hate when I go to class and sit down and the seat is still warm from the person before me. Doesn’t happen much, which is odd because most rooms are full, but when it does it’s weird.

::steps away::

That’s exactly what I told him.

We got one.

I’ll admit it, it oogs me out. I have no idea why but it does.

I don’t even like sitting on warm chairs which have recently been vacated by other bums.

I get a similar feeling when I 'm reading a used book and come across food stains. I think it’s food stains. Tastes like food, anyway. :wink:
I’ve worked with construction guys, myself included, who’s dirty little secret was how nice and warm pantyhose are in the winter.

I would much rather be welcomed to a cold seat as opposed to a warm seat. The thought that someone elses butt, who knows how hairy or dirty, was very recently sitting on that same toilet really grosses me out (sorry if TMI).

My students often comment upon sitting down in their plastic desk chairs, “Ugh, this seat is WARM!” and then get a little squicked out. You’re not alone in this. I don’t like it either.

My brother got back from the Gulf after eight months on a cruiser. He told his wife not to let anyone use the upstairs toilet on the day he got back. It was as cool as a toilet seat could be in Jacksonville.

Same here.

I remember my senior year of high school, me and another guy both had the same math class at the end of the day, nd we had to both go on a quest at the start of the class to fidn a seat that wasn’t occupied the class before. Part of it was the ick factor, but more of it was that the school was overgheated in the wuinter, and undercooled in the spring/fall, so sitting your ass down on a cool seat was a nice feeling. :stuck_out_tongue:
Toilet seats, however, are more of the ick factor. I don’t like knowing that less than five minutes prior someone was sitting on this thing. I also hate taknig a crap with anyone else in the bathroom. Luckily, I work in a building with several bathrooms, many of them single seaters.

Oh, and as to the "better warm thatn wet’ comment…nope, not for me. If it’s wet, i can just leave right then and there and find another toilet. If it’s warm, I don’t find out till I sit my ass down, and by then it’s too late.

I rather enjoy the warmth. I hate sitting on cold toilet seats. I don’t care that it was someone else’s ass. I’m not eating off of the seat, I’m taking a crap.


Residual Butt Warmth? No fuckin’ way. I don’t even like to feel Mr. K’s butt warmth. I prefer the illusion of being the only butt to have ever graced the portal of the porceline bus.

I’ve never sat on a recently vacated (sorry) toilet seat, but that would gross me out. I don’t like being in the bathroom if somebody is in one of the stalls anyway. If that’s the case, I’ll wait, or go find another bathroom.

My wife has this thing about “butt warmth” on chairs. She hates sitting down on a chair that’s warm.

I can’t get over it. There are toilet related ads at the bottom of this thread. :rolleyes:
Anyway, I’ve also that a lot of people make noises (clear throat, flush, etc) when someone comes in. Probably related to what fishbicycle, Kalhoun, and others have to say. Only time I’ll courtesy flush is if someone calls me on my cell.
Me, I’ll wait till someone is done and have a seat if I need to poop. And I’ll shoot the breeze with the guy next door. Except when I’m “pushing”.
I’ll also lift my feet until a newcomer sits and gets started, then make myself known. :smiley:
(Insert Lisa Simpsons’ guilty little laugh here).

I don’t even like it when it’s warm from someone I know. Eeeew.

I want that seat COLD baby.

(Hey-new invention: toilet seat AC?)

I think someone in Japan has beat you to it. I saw it on tv, so it has to be true. :wink:
So, how about with Guinastasia’s invention? Would you follow another if the seat was quickly cooled, even knowing a strange butt preceded your’s?