Black & White

Since we have satellite internet I decided to get a few games that I could play when there is no/unreliable signal. I remember Black&White being one of the very first computer games I owned, so I located a copy to replace the one I had so many years ago - memories, ah sweet memories!

Anyways, I was playing the game last night and came upon a quest that I, as a deity, had to fulfill. i brought lumber to help finish building a boat, and then grain - but that wasnt enough! I had to also find them meat for their travels, so I brought them a pig - but noooooo, they still wanted more! So I grabbed the next first piece of livestock I could find, which was a sheep.

OH! They. did. NOT just say THAT! :eek:

yup - they thanked me for the sheep alright… “afterall”, I was told by the character, “it tends to get lonely at times” <winkwink>

I was not expecting that! And I’m still slightly in shock!
My only beef with the game thus far is that I’m having a hell of a time with the controls - same prob I had when I first played eons ago. i guess I’m just not very coordinated.

I always wanted to play it but never got around to it. Didn’t know it was even still available. Are you playing on Windows or Mac?

That’s the first game you owned? The first PC game I had was literally black and white, well maybe more black and yellow. It might have been only text even.

That quest serves to make you into an evil deity. Those travelers deserve smiting. Although, as I require, they return later on and give you tribute or something. I could also never figure out how to finish the evil way for many quests.

“Eidel-eidel-eee, Eidel-eidel-eee, we won’t be happy till we get some more wood.”

I didnt get my first computer until 90-something. The only computer game I played was on a friends and it was kinda like the early Atari game style. I remember “traveling” from one area to another looking for clues and such… that was in the late 80’s. Oh, and I forgot about the “Lemonaide Stand” we had to play in school. Early eighties. Hated that game.

Good golly, my very very first MMORPG was AC2! And I was thrown in hard-core on a PVP server. Yes, I was a big baby at first when I was ganked but I learned a lot real fast
and learned to love my enemies - and never did gank others even when they would attack me. I never struck first and never went all the way to killing a low-level. Gods - I’m too nice for my own good. I miss that game.

I already ran in to a citizen who didnt believe and wanted me to make him believe by showing him my creature. So I leashed my cat to him, but he still got mouthy with me, so I had my cat pick him up. I kinda forgot to leash the cat to me so he’d be friendly and my cat ate him. :smack: Oops. Well, that’ll teach him to mouth off.

“Eidel-eidel-eee, Eidel-eidel-ooo, we won’t be happy till we get some more wood.” ← this is my new “mating call”, btw :smiley:


And I found the game on Ebay. That’s probably the only place you will find the original. The expansion pack is still in some stores like Gamestop.

My issue with games that Molyneuax (sp?) makes is that he makes such overblown claims about what they’ll do and how they’ll be a seismic leap forward in gaming that each time you’re left disappointed. When B&W was released the makers were all but saying that the game was self aware and able to think independently from the player.

I bought this and played for a few minutes, then forgot about it, now this thread reminds me about it, just as I’ve started getting back into Civ IV.