Blackout in LA?

Is there any link between the power outages in LA and the tape released yesterday with a terrorist threatening LA?

From here:

Story about the threat tape:

There doesn’t seem to be any correllation. If that was their terror attack, I’d be a happy man. They went from killing thousands to making people 30 minutes late in their morning commute.

The latest from CNN:

It’s coming back up. My wife’s been stuck at home in Westwood for the last 45 minutes because the garage door wouldn’t open, but she says the power just came back on.

It’s been common knowledge for many years that California’s got a huge problem with its power supply systems. If any ‘terrorist cell’ claimed ‘responsibility’ would anyone actually believe them?

I’m in a high rise downtown; the power’s back up here. Seriously, though, there’s nothing like a power failure to make otherwise rational adults act like they’re ninth graders with a substitute teacher.

GorillaMan, the problem with that theory is that it’s actually the LA area that has a problem with power; LA itself is not on the grid, as I understand it, so an attack on the grid would cripple a small part of the southland, but not all, while an attack on other parts of the power supply would leave LA functional.

But if this is the terrorists – damn them all! I was without email and internet and printer for an hour and had to live by telephone! Hey – do any midwesterners remember the rat in the transformer that shut down power to several states?

Blackouts? In California? Gasp!

But seriously, those terrorists are getting clever if they realize that the way to hurt LA is to take away the power.

1: People already drive like fools in Los Angeles, I seriously doubt they can handle no lights.

2: All the liberal media will be shut down (in theory! haha!)

3: Lazy, fat Americans will have to leave their TVs, radios, computers, and wall plug in vibrators. Then everyone will be outside and be easy targets!

Don’t let the terrorists win. Get back to those electronics, my friends!

Well, that was entertaining. About the best part of the blackout for us here in the office is that one of our annoying coworkers was stuck across the street at lunch and couldn’t get back to the office during the outage.

Otherwise, all was calm. The phones worked – no biggie. My only concern would have been if this had happened during the evening rush hour, since I commute by subway and train. THEN you would have seen ugliness in downtown.

Urgent message to anyone affected by the current power outage:


There. That should help. :dubious:

You should apply for that job vacancy at FEMA.

It happened at the perfect moment- My boss was reaming me about something really minor when the lights went out.

Evidently, it was caused by someone’s goof.

But my conspiracy-theory co-worker insists it was A-Q. He’d say that even if the DPW worker personally apologized and described the mistake to him.

I was at work. First we heard that another branch of our store was without power, then schwooom… our whole mall shut down. We milled around for about an hour and a half. At one point, the word was that a) it would take three hours before DPW would even be able to identify the problem and b) the store manager was going to make us all stay to the end of our shifts, power or no power. I wouldn’t have minded leaving early, except with no TV and no computer at home, what for? :wink: When we did get the power back, certain bank cards had to have authorization called in, because apparently that particular bank’s computers weren’t back up yet.

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