A big power outage in Los Angeles?

Does anyone know anything about it? MySpace is down and they had a splash screen a while ago saying there was a power outage and to be patient.

Then, one of my ISPs is having problems and in the support section they have a notice saying

That ISP and its data center is located in Arizona!

Any skinny?

Well, I’m in the heart of L.A. proper and I haven’t witnessed anything unusual. Doesn’t mean nothing unusual is going on though.

I did hear a brief news snippet on the radio this evening around midnight eastern that due to excessive heat in California there were indeed some blackouts.

Ah, thanks. I had seen a report (but didn’t read it) that California was having a bad time of it due to the heat, so that makes sense.

Rigamarole, I’m glad it’s ok where you are.

Parts of Toluca Lake and North Hollywood were out for most of the evening.

Pretty much all of Yahoo! was down today. Site, email and IM. From 3 ish pm eastern til about 11 or so. Don’t know if that has anything to do with it…

Yikes. We have been running the AC damn near 24 hours a day, and my house never got below 76 last night…

This morning is cooler by far then any morning in the last two weeks (less than 80 F at 8:00 am), but it feels stormy and “wierd…” The humidity is a bitch, too.

Stay cool, everybody. If you have elderly relatives, drive over and make sure they are okay.

I’m in South Pas and we lost power for a while yesterday. It got up to 107 outside yesterday, so I imagine the pull on the power was pretty heavy. Gotta love summer in California…

Yeah, but where the hell did this humidity come from?!? I’m down in Orange County, and yesterday was, like, San Bernardino hot…


So, have they started those “rolling blackouts” again, or was this just a regular blackout?

snip but it feels stormy and “wierd…”[UOTE]

Weird is right. I went out a little while ago, and by the looks of things, it was MY back yard, but I could swear it was like, Florida.

I wouldn’t mind the heat and stuff (Thank the air conditioning gods) because it being the weekend, I don’t have to go outside for anything if I don’t want to, but I sure wish those ominous looking clouds would let loose with a sound and light show, or at least some measurable rain.

I blame the coding on the heat. Really.

MySpace now has this message up:

I admit to being one of 88 million people who were jonesin’ for MySpace last night. And my main web site’s ISPs (the one in Arizona) was affected too so I couldn’t ftp anything for a new section I’m building. Giving up in frustration and going to sleep was the answer. Everything was ok when I got up.

Cheers to people who work at power stations and other places who have to jump to and get things fixed when these things happen.

And we also had an earthquake this morning! Just a little one, though- about 3.6, centered out by Lake Elsinor.

We’ve been having occasional short outages here mixed with brownouts today. Just enough to make me remember that I never hooked up the UPS for my network equipment.

Two hours runtime on the UPS powering the computers is useless if the switch is down. :smack:

It’s been sitting on a shelf near the network stuff for a couple months now. :smack: :smack:

We haven’t had any problems out in the beach cities, but we had to change plans from brunch and swimming to just brunch with my cousins in Orange this morning, due to pounding rain and lightning storms, which also caused their power to go out for a while. Driving through the storm to get there was no picnic, let me tell you. So the blackouts might be less about the heat and more about the lightning storms.

We’re having bizarre weather south of San Jose, too. 106 degrees and humid, with threatening thunderheads towards the east. My poor tomatoes are showing sunscald for the first time ever, and I’ve had to create some jury-rigged sunshades so they don’t die of sunstroke. This is not typical summer weather in California. I wish we would have a tremendous thunderstorm to break the heat and oppressive feeling, and I’m crossing my fingers that we don’t have a power outage. Otherwise I’ll have to sleep in a bathtub full of cool water tonight.