Blacks and nostalgia

monstro-I read recently, can’t recall where, that many Southerners now admit (it was always my belief,but not taught that way to me) that the Civil War was all about slavery, less about states’ rights-of course they are intertwined. Therefore, more whites were killed in a battle over slavery, than in all other wars, if the statistics are correct. This is ignored by the Jacksons, Spike Lees & Tavis Smileys of the world.

Were the (Northern) whites killed because they objected to slavery so strongly that they were willing to risk their lives to end it? Or were (Northern) whites killed because the government wanted so badly to preserve the union that it was willing to risk the lives of its men? The answer may explain why Tavis et. al don’t exactly advertise that particular statistic.

I’m not suggesting that whites above the Mason-Dixon were just as evil as the one below it (I’m not ascribing evilness to either of them, actually), but I do question the degree of moral outrage that many people seem to claim motivated the North. War back then was about the same thing as it is now: money.

You- don’t know. Hey,we’re living through today’s events-Iraq, North Korea, Clinton’s impeachment, the Florida Bush-Gore debacle etc. & I 'm not SURE of what’s truly factually going on. With all the revisionist history, suiting who is giving it, the Civil War is 142 years ago, so I give up.

1davidw-doubt it. White wife, & is a professor at Stanford. From Harlem, so he is guilty of what he decries, good point.

from what i read above, it would seem that somehow having a white wife is wrong? maybe i have got this wrong, forgive me if i have


It’s not that serious. It’s just funny that he laments professionals fleeing black communities while he’s so far removed from a black community himself that his own household isn’t even black.

obo- not bad , just part of "leaving "the black community. I’m sure Clarence Thomas is criticized by some for his white wife. Not me I don’t care.