I think I might know what it feels like now.

I just finished the Draka Trilogy by S.M. Stirling and I think I might have an idea what racism can be like from the receiving end. A quick synopsis: British loyalists after American Revolution are relocated to South Africa, later joined by Southern Civil War refugees. By the beginning of the 20th century they had conquered all of Africa, a well timed intervention during WWI gives them the MidEast, they step in to pick up the pieces when Germany and USSR have exhausted themselves in WWII and then take all of Europe. The Draka people think all others are but cattle to be subjugated.
White, black, yellow or brown, all were equally exploited.
My thoughts were how can these people think that they are superior other than for the privileges that they instituted for themselves. What would I have done in that society (being non-Draka). Would I have had the courage to resist against a power group who held all the cards and to whom I was but a chattel? The Draka were ruthless and nasty against any sign of rebelliousness and deadly against any violence against a Draka.
While I think OJ is guilty as sin, Jesse Jackson is a fool for his poorly researched intervention in Decatur and Al Sharpton is a chump (I do like Farakhan though), this book has made me think hard about blacks in this country. Before the civil rights era, think of the courage that it took for those who, hopelessly faced with the might and power of the State, still said that “this is not right” and fought and resisted their subjugation anyway they could. I salute their valor and dignity and wonder what I would have done in their place.

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I commend you. I couldn’t get more than halfway through Marching Through Georgia. Do you realize that there are fanboys you actually ADMIRE the Draka? Too many people will support discrimination so long as they are the ones on top.

I can’t believe it took some revisionist history book to make you revise your position of blacks in this country. Yeah, being discriminated upon isn’t fun! Sheesh!

If you’d like to read something even more disturbing, I recommend The Turner Diaries, by Andrew McDonald (?). It’s Tim McVeigh’s fave book, btw.