Blacks Will Now be Able to Vote and Sue in Federal Court in Ohio

An amusing little example of bureacratic red tape:

Well, I feel a little better now that that mistake has been corrected.

OHIO - The Progressive State!

Of course, it an amendment doesn’t need to be ratified in every state to go into power.

“OHIO–drag us there, kicking and screaming, but just make us do it. Shame us into it. We aren’t proud. Watch out! 19th Century, here we come, ready or not.” :rolleyes: :mad:

Sounds like a waste of time for the Ohio legislature. Whether they ratified it or not, the Amendment was in full force in OH.

Symbolic and it probably didn’t cost the taxpayers any significant cash. At least they didn’t spend that time wasting money.

At leas’ them danged uppity wimmin still can’t vote! Shoo’, why can’t they jus’ stay in the ki’chen, barefoot ‘n pregnant, like God tol’ 'em too?

Oh, give 'em a break. After all, they weren’t even a state until 1953. :wink:

What is it with you Ohioans? I swear, one of these days we’re going to wake up to find out the entire state has wandered off into Bolivia or something.

Coming from the first country in the world to give women the vote, I have to say there are some things that are just scary about you Yanks. :slight_smile:

Like our love of guns? :smiley:

No, our love of SPOOFE:wink:

A couple of years ago, a small town in the Dutch province of Zeeland found out something rather disconcerting. Seems that 350 years ago, when they still held city rights and were an autonomous mini-state if you will, they negelected to co-sign the peace treaty with Spain. So, they were technically still at war. The Spanish ambassador to the Netherlands was called in, and asked to sign a treaty of peace with the village. He agreed, and had the class to show up in a full 17th century Spanish Armada uniform. :smiley:

It was quite amusing, really.

What do you people expect from a state that takes its nickname from a nut? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep it’s that whole guns and Spoofe bit. We are pleased you can’t sail though :smiley:

The buckeye is a nut? I just thought it was nature’s perfect projectile weapon.

Hey, at least it took them less time to fix it than the Vatican took to clarify that Galileo business.

To be quite honest, I’m ashamed that I live in Ohio right now.

Most of the thinking here is in the 19th century.


(I’m actually from Detroit.)

Michiganders actually went to WAR with Ohio, back in the day. I’m not talking about football rivalries; I’m talking legitimate scrapping and ass-kicking over disputed territory. Heh.

I think they ended up with Toledo after all.

Not to nitpick but were they too busy Monday?

Obviously this is clear proof that the federal income tax is unconsitututional!

Do you know something I don’t? The only news I’m getting here is the Cup is postponed again, and the SWISS were in the lead. Yep. Swiss. That perenial sailing powerhouse.