Blade Runner question

I remember reading (a long time ago) that a lot of the companies that appeared in the movie Blade Runner don’t exist anymore. The only one I can remember well is Pan Am (and maybe Atari?).

Does anyone remember this? (I’m asking this in part because I writing a paper and because it is driving me nuts!)

Atari [?]

Atari is the one I noticed (and giggled insanely about). The only other company I remember showing up a lot is Coca-Cola, and they’re still around.

Might you be thinking of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001”? In that film (made in 1968), we see Pan Am carrying travellers in outer space, and businessmen making interplanetary phone calls via the Bell System.

Pan Am and the Bell System, of course, are nomore.

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The Blade Runner curse

Way to go, astro. You really put that one to bed.

Then there is of course Tyrell Corp. They’re not doing too well these days either.

There were a few electronics stores at the beginning. I’m trying to remember here…gimme a sec…Bose?

The last I heard, somebody bought the rights to the Pan Am
name and logo for a revival of the company.

Don’t know what came of it, though.

You’re the best guys!

Astro - that is exactly what I am looking for - I owe you big!

Sir Ray - my paper is on how I think AT&T is going downhill and may go the way of Pan Am and Atari (as they were once very big but not any more.)

The original Pan Am started by the legendary Juan Trippe went bankrupt after his death, and what was left of it (mainly the name and logo) were bought by privately owned Guilford Transportation (a New England railroad operator). The new Pan Am is based at the Pease International Tradeport (the former Pease Airforce Base) that straddles the Portsmouth-Newington town line in New Hampshire. They offer service to a limited number of small airports not far from major destinations (Worcester and Portsmouth instead of Boston, Sanford instead of Orlando, Gary instead of Chicago, White Plains instead of New York, etc.).

Um, Atari still exists, y’all.

Atari? Gone? Parish the thought!:eek:

Atari has gone back to thier roots and stuck to the now limited arcade arena. While I was at Dave and Busters (Bar/Adult Chucky Cheese) the other day I noticed a few games put out by Atari. Hydro Thunder and Off Road Thunder are both Atari titles, as is Gauntlet: Dark Legacy I think. :slight_smile:

Man, did I just say that… note to self, get real life. Soon.