Turkish Airlines, Metropolis commercial.

Its actually quite good.

I was kinda hoping for this Metropolis, but whatevs.

I bet good money he got the job for Turkish Airlines for arguing on Bill Maher about Muslims being human beings. Not that it’s a bad thing. Just wouldn’t be surprised.

Is Turkish Airlines a real airline?


Apparently it’s owned by Lex Luthor, though.

They also have a destination Gotham one. I like them too. Fun cross promotion idea.

Apparently there’s a scene in the movie set aboard a Turkish Airlines plane, so I assume the commercial is part of the deal struck with the movie makers. But I’m not encouraged that the film makers couldn’t find a bigger name airline to work with. (By passenger volume this is the eleventh biggest airline in the world.)

Its one of the fastest growing ones in the world though, doubt it’ll stay no 11 for long.

If MJN Air wrote them the biggest check, that’s who would be in the movie.

Those were really clever. I liked that.

And the idea that they are fast growing nicely ties in with the “adding destinations” theme of the commercials. All round clever.