Blake's Sever - a Rebellion Reborn

From the FAQ:
Will any of the original cast members be reprising their roles?
“…only Paul Darrow who played the character Avon will reprise his role”

I should say so considering

Every other character was killed in the last episode (except perhaps for some who left in earlier seasons). Tho I’m not sure exactly wo Avon survived since the last scene consised of him being surrounded by like 20-40 guards. fade out. Many gun shots in the background.


They bring back this let Dr. Who languishes?

This would have been great news lo these many years ago…Paul Darrow, alas, has aged, as have we all. He won’t the Avon we loved/hated, I’m afraid. Ah well, we’ll always have the originals.

And as much as I love Blakes 7, I agree with the above Dr. Who comment.

And besides, wasn’t Farscape kind of in the same vein as Blake’s Seven?

If I’ll have to agree with all of youse on Dr Who. If they only transfered the Enterprise screen budget into a Dr Who project…

My thread on the new Doctor Who

Yes, but it’s bloody animation.

like they say, “out’s better than nout”

That’s because Dr. Who (mostly) sucked. Blake’s 7, however was a great series. It’s certainly was a more compelling version of the future than Star Trek. Not everyone on the ship was nice to each other, in fact everyone was quite sarcastic. No ridged-forehead aliens. The Federation were evil, etc. The show had a plot, it wasn’t just “let’s go out to deep space and see what happens to us”. Not every episode ended well. Etc, etc, etc.

good points, Avumede. Exactly why I’m still a Blake’s 7 fan.

Doctor Who was good for laughs and interesting characters.