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In this thread about Orlando Bloom possibly playing James Bond, I posited that he would be a good choice for Bond : Year One. Refering of course to Frank Miller’s Batman : Year One grapic novel about Batman becoming Batman. (I believe there’s a film coming out also).

Anyway it got me to thinking about who else would make a good subject for : Year One treatment? Ideally it would be a character that is established but with minimal or no back story. For bonus points you could speculate on who would be a good choice to play the character in a movie (especially if the character is an established movie icon) and maybe a brief overview of how the story would go.

Of course this isn’t exactly a new concept. Indiana Jones basically was explained to us in the first 15 minutes of The Last Crusade, and further in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Obi Wan Kenobi in the prequels, etc.

Unfortunately, I really don’t know who to suggest other than James Bond and Orlando Bloom. I was thinking of Sherlock Holmes, but I can’t think of any young British actors that would fit the part (admitedly my knowledge of young British actors is not very broad). And I can’t think of how such a story would go.

So, anyway, I throw it to you Dopers, who would be a good character to explore on the cusp of their careers?

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They already did a Young Sherlock Holmes movie. Not great, but far from unwatchable. Nicholas Rowe played the detective.

Wolverine. They’d never do it, though, because Logan’s mystery is central to the character. There are enough hinted-at possibilities in his history that it could be easily done, though.

I can’t really think of an actor who would be right for it, though…

I’d watch “Tony Soprano: Year One”. His first year as a made guy, working for the old guys, hanging out with Jackie Aprile, newlyweds with Carm…

Hasn’t Marvel already retconned Wolverine? I seem to remember him being born in the late 1800s in Canada and having bone claws before having his adamantium enhanced ones.

Pretty sure I read that here somewhere.

You’re right, Aesiron, they did a story called Origin about Wolverine which was the worst piece of shit Marvel’s every produced (and they’ve produced a lot of shit).

William T. Kirk: Year One
Yoda: Year One
B.A. Barracas (A-Team): Year One
Han Solo: Year One

William T. Kirk?

I think you’re confusing William Thomas Riker and James Tiberius Kirk.

Slim Jim Guy: Year One

“Eat him!.. Er, me…”

Yup. Dunno what I was thinking. T’would be good though, no?

Highjack: The upcoming Batman Begininngs is about the, um, begininngs of Batman but has nothing to do with the Miller series. The plot involves Scarecrow and Ra’s Al Ghul. Micheal Caine plays Alfred!

I’d like to see a Giles: Year One about his time spect as Ripper and how he ended up as a Watcher.

There’s a trilogy of books about Han Solo’s younger days, from teenager right up until he meets Obi-Wan and Luke in the Cantina, that is actually pretty good.

You might want to read “Final Frontier”, a Trek novel about a pubescent Kirk, his father, George, and the Enterprise on its first test mission, captained by Robert April, then. I don’t remember if it’s any good but I don’t remember it being bad either.