Who should play James Bond after Brosnan?

At least according to an interview in Entertainment Weekly:


You have to sign up to read it, here’s a short summary though:

Too bad, I thought he had a few more films in him, and Brosnan definately was a really really good Bond - matching Connery IMHO.

Any suggestions?

My personal choice would be Adrian Paul of the ‘Highlander’ series. He has the looks and the charm to pull it off. He’s just around the right age, also, and he’s athletic enough to do the stunts. But that’s just me. Anyone else?

Off the top of my head, I could picture Eric Bana as Bond.

Brosnan is Bond now? What ever happened to George Lazenby?

Clive Owen from King Arthur and those BMW films.

Grace, you beat me to it. Clive Owen, all the way.

Russel Crowe would be a good Bond. Second choice: Colin Farrell.

Adrian Paul would be good. He even looks like Sean Connery.

Jack Davenport might pull it off. He can be suave and sophisticated, but I don’t know how he’d do with the action aspect.

Alastair Mackenzie of Monarch of the Glen could probably do the job.

I think Crowe is too burly and Farrell too boyish. In 15 years or so, Farrell would be better suited.

Remember, Bond must have that air of worldly sophistication that a younger man can’t pull off.

I nominate Jason Isaacs, currently playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. Isaacs has already effectively played a James Bond parody (without sliding into camp, mind you) in The Tuxedo and I can easily see him doing the “real” thing.

I hird Clive Owen. I’d never seen him in anything until King Arthur but that one move was enough to make me think he wold make a good 007.

I think I read in EW that he’s never been approached as has been rumored though.

Guy Pearce would be a plausible choice IMO. He is the right age and has the Bond look. From what I saw in Memento and L.A. Confidential he certainly has the talent. OK, he is Austalian, but born in the UK.

I disagree about the Bond look. I just looked at Pearce’s photos on IMDB and he has these hollow, sunken-looking cheeks and a too-severe bone structure. He has what I’d describe as “rugged” facial feaures; handome in their own right but not appropriate for a Bond.

Hugh Jackman IS the next Bond.

Pearce’s look can change quite a bit, the guy in Memento looks nothing like his characters in L.A. Confidential or the more recent Rules of Engagement.

I get your point though, at times he does look too angular for Bond.

I like Hugh Jackman best.

I never get much support for this, but I would LOVE for Sean Connery to come back and do another bond movie. I don’t expect them to try to make him young or anything… but I would like to see a bond movie with him coming out of retirement, or perhaps he’s heading up the agency, but has to go out into the field again. That’d be cool!


In the spirit of Never Say Never Again it could be called Oh No Not Again.

Clive Owen would work.

Also Carey Elwes.

I’d love to see Johnny Depp do Bond, but he wouldn’t sign on for that kind of commitment.

Depp is American, though. It’d be heresy.

I agree: Brosnan’s my favourite bond, after Connery of course.

So, let the speculation start!! Who could be the new Bond?

Ewan McGregor has a shot, I think. Colin Farrell too, I suppose - though I’m not too fond of him myself. And he’s a tad young at this stage.

Any other guesses?