Blast from the Past - Home Decor, 70s edition

So over on Buzzfeed, someone’s idea of ‘boho’ decor is a blast from the 60s and 70s.

Macrame hangings, plant holders and the ilk.

Wall art - those groupings of items [like a set of mirror moons, or framed canvas wall art.

" Modern Mid Century Breuer Designed Chairs" that I had in my rather crappy furnished rental in 1979.

Bamboo blinds [they came either as split twigs or as flats of bamboo back then]

Those funky ‘wall papers’ that were like a single swoosh shape, or I don’t know, racing stripes for your wall?

Wow, I could have gone back in time and convinced Mom not to redecorate the house from the time it had been built in the mid 60s and it would have been perfectly boho =)

Let the Pier 1 renaissance begin!

Some of that stuff has a 70’s vibe for sure. But where is the dark wood paneling and 2 tone green shag carpet? That was my 70’s

You’re describing what I remember of my house growing up.

Then again, I was born in the late 70s.

Disco Balls and black light posters.

I will now leave with my head hung down in shame.

In the US, that meant a trip to Spencer’s Gifts.

And lava lamps! . . . He cried out from a distance.

Remember these?

My mom used to make them. Casting resin and wired to chunks of tree branch.

Aren’t those left over ‘clackers’?

And avocado green and/or harvest gold kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures.

I was born in 1980, but my parents didn’t bother remodeling until around 1990, so my childhood was still steeped in 1970s decor.

Resin crafts - making resin shells, seahorses, fish, and bubbles to glue to bathroom mirrors.

And casting things in clear resin to make “paperweights”. It was SO windy indoors back then.

My bedroom growing up had a “butterscotch pudding” gold-orange paint scheme at one point

There were probably still some office buildings that didn’t have central heat and air. Fans would be used to make the rooms livable. And of course the production of paperweights as small cheap gifts lasted far longer than their usefulness

Some people have cats.

I suppose. Although our office/craft room doesn’t AC and we have a ceiling fan and floor fan going all the time and I haven’t needed a paperweight. We don’t have cats, so there is that.

We had a green shag carpet in the living room, and it was a big day when we updated those boring plaster walls to wood paneling. We also had diamonds of mirror pasted to the wall in one of the bedrooms, and I had a rattan swivel rocker for the living room. Life was grand.

I bought my 1950s house in 2003 from the original owners. It had gotten an update in the mid 1970s. The kitchen had gold-veined linoleum flooring, yellow formica counters, and apple green, orange and yellow fruity flowery wallpaper. My god it was hideous. What’s even worse is that they matched that with red shag carpet in the dining and living rooms. (That had been removed at some point before I bought the house - there’s still a piece on the floor of the coat closet.) I remodeled the kitchen before I moved in.

Fortunately, they didn’t touch the original 50s tile work in the bathrooms and just upgraded counters and fixtures in some sort of neoclassical style. On a living room wall there was a five piece mirror installation that was engraved with flying geese. It was really cool and they said they would leave it but they didn’t. They did leave me a really nice swag lamp, though.

Oh! We had orange Formica counters, which I loved. We also had kitchen cabinets that were dark brown wood, and they had a sort of amber plastic insert instead of windows, that had some sort of raised floral motif on them.