Bleakest movie you have ever seen

What’s the bleakest movie you have ever seen? One that made you feel unsettled and miserable?

CHALLENGE: No post apocalyptic/ dystopian or Holocaust movies. I’m not against them; I’m just trying to get different answers than the usual Schindler’s List or Threads.
Example: Afterlife, with Christina Ricci and Liam Neeson. Christina Ricci wakes up on in a morgue. The mortician, Liam Neeson, tells her that she is dead and he has the unique ability to see people in her condition.

What about yours?

I hated Mel Gibsons Apocalypto. People being absolutely horrible to each other in the name of religion.

Requiem For A Dream

Oh, and the teenage version of Dangerous Liaisons…the one with Sarah Michelle Geller and Ryan Phillipe…ah! Cruel Intentions.

Tzameti (13). A French movie about Russian roulette. (any more would be a spoiler)
ETA: I liked the movie; many may not agree.

I didn’t see it, but even reading about Open Water left me unsettled and miserable.


Very realistic nuclear war film. I haven’t seen it since the 1980s and I still remember it.

*Invasion of the Body Snatchers *(1978). Freakin’ pod people win.

Last Exit to Brooklyn. Dear lord was that a downer

Dogville, followed by Dancer in the Dark. Lars Von Trier sucks.

Leaving Las Vegas

Plague Dogs

Bonus points for being animated.

I’ve been told Grave of the Fireflies.

Sleeping Beauty

Leaving Las Vegas for me, too. Wonderfully acted, but so disturbing.

Also Brokeback Mountain. So sad that people can’t just leave others to live their own lives in peace.


Breaking the Waves.

What’s a better way to spend an evening than watching an oppressive religious society try to destroy a mentally simple woman because of her attempts to please an emotionally self-absorbed yet paralyzed husband?



I hated Dogville, but loved the also bleak/strange Dogtooth.

Good god it’s depressing. Watching two children starve to death over a long time.