Blind people, guns and chicken don't mix

Today’s bizarrity from the AP:

Did he spill the Chicken?


And they said Vaudeville was dead.

Vaudeville? Strange name for his wife to have :wink:

I’m trying to imagine the situation where I needed to have both a plate of fried chicken and a gun in my hands. Was someone threatening his food?

This is his wife’s fault. “My husband can’t see anything, I think I’ll let him keep a pistol in the house.” She was just asking to be shot. :smiley:

Can anyone provide a link to the full article? I need to read this to fully take it in. :eek: That’s just bizarre. Poor guy, but even more so, poor woman!

Googling “blind chicken” in Google News produces a few cites like this.

So, the family friend who found the gun and polished it is damned lucky he didn’t become a statistic, eh? (Accidental death by firearm) Ok, now I understand, and really feel for the husband. Why on earth would you press a plate on anyone who was juggling a gun?! :confused: Wouldn’t you give them a chance to put it down then give them the food? :frowning: Sad…

Just imagine what could have happened if he’s been illegally blind? You can’t, can you?

Of course, this is the third Mrs. Honeycutt to perish in a tragic gun/fried chicken incident . . .

Hm. Them Honeycutts are bullet magnets.

Obviously, there are too many. We need to thin the Honeycutt Herd out.

Why do you want to deny blind chickens their Second Amendment rights? Commie.

I guess she should have had the duck.

If only she’s kept a sharp eye out by looking through her fingers as she covered her face is fear.

That’d have made it Peeking Duck.

I wonder if this is the same blind gun owner from the Daily Show?

Interesting act. What do you call it?
The Aristocrats!

This is in the same category as “Vice Presidents, guns, and quail”, isn’t it?

Mr Honeycutt didn’t realize he had killed his wife until he asked for a second helping of chicken and she didn’t answer.

The aristocrats!