Blind student gets beaten up and the kid that comes to help him gets suspended.

You’re a great parent.

I’ve had that talk with my kids, that they have my 100% support if they get suspended. and while I expect the to use good judgement, I also expect them to stand up for what’s right. They have special needs little sister and understand this better than most.

These wimpy liberals who cant understand that a single punch is sometimes more effective than several hours or days of teaching and consultative talks.

Not aceplace. The only thing he does on this site is blindly believe headlines that come from the Daily Mail. Read any of his threads and they are all exactly the same.

My dad always said that if you want to fight, don’t do it at school. You get suspended or expelled.

I don’t see a problem with it. You may get your ass kicked-or, suspended or thrown off the football team. You may not know the whole of the story, as we see from an earlier post, where it states that the blind (half-blind; WTF does that mean???) kid apparently started it, if I interpreted it correctly. Observing and reporting may be the best thing, as it can give irrefutable facts to those who will make decisions in the case’s disposition.

Wrong on the first sentence. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong on the second.

My niece and brother and I were taking a karate class together when she was 12 or 13. Some girl came and gave her some shit then attacked her. My niece used her karate moves and kicked the shit out of her assailant. They suspended both of them for some days.
I was proud of my niece and gave her $100. She said “That’s the same thing my dad did!”
Glad that you went the extra mile in raising your son, kayaker.

Blindness is not just total darkness. Some legally blind folk can see various levels of light and dark and/or vague shapes.
There’s also uncorrectable vision, severe tunnel vision and so on.

IOW: “Upholding a fine, upright, 100-year old American tradition of willfully turning a blind eye to violence committed by thugs and the ‘beautiful people,’, as well as the physical and psychological torment and terrorism maliciously inflicted upon the weak and helpless.”
Kinda like our foreign policy.

You expect waaaaay too much from the OP.

Just goes to show some useful rules of thumb for life:

  • The first report is always wrong in some way.
  • Complex interaction described in simplistic, black and white terms, are usually missing something.
  • Garbage in, garbage out. Detailed analysis of garbage is still garbage.

Let’s leave politics out of threads like these.

But you see, there just isn’t time to try to figure out what actually happened. These are dire world-events of the highest importance–events that are of far-reaching concern across the globe–we need to have a thread about these austere events as soon as possible, so that we can weigh in and present our critical opinions immediately, and let the world leaders know what we think they should do–or even better, what they should’ve done.

We can figure out what actually happened later.

You know as well as I do that everybody on the net posts news threads shortly after they are reported. The thread discussion changes as new details are reported. That’s exactly what occurred in this thread. It turned out that the school made the correct decision. The best outcome possible.

What a joke. You expect people to post stale news? Get real. :rolleyes:

btw you do know there was a petition with almost 30,000 signatures supporting this kid? 30,000 people were concerned enough to take time out of their day to support a kid that stood up to defend his blind friend. I signed that petition and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. This was a legitimate news story that concerned a lot of people and it deserved to be posted here.

I think that a healthy dose of scepticism when dealing with sensational headlines is important. Not just in this case, but all the time.

True. But this wasn’t a sensational headline. One poster here had a kid suspended for exactly the same thing. Fighting to protect a special-ed student.

Zero tolerance policies often result in stupid administrative decisions that don’t consider the specific circumstances. Its been discussed in this thread.

Nearly everyone expected this kid to get suspended under the school’s zero tolerance policy on violence. The news story simply confirmed what we expected to hear. Thats why the online petition was quickly started. Everyone expected a fight to pressure the school to reconsider.

Fortunately it turned out somebody in that school actually looked at the facts and didn’t just broadly apply the zero policy rule on fighting. That was the right decision.

It is. If it’s a headline designed to get a rise out of their readers, that’s sensationalism.

The language is exaggerated to lead you into becoming outraged. “Blind kid” instead of the most truthful “visually impaired”, for instance.

You should be very careful with those.

You don’t know the OP, do you?

The defender’s parents need to IMMEDIATELY file a massive lawsuit against the school board and the principal, and not back down. They need to have local TV and radio stations camped in the school’s office.

The only way to get zero-tolerance idiocy like this removed is to point out publicly how moronic it is. In a nutshell: nobody, absolutely nobody, has the authority to tell someone that they cannot defend themself or another against a physical attack.

The kid wasn’t suspended or removed from the football team (he actually wasn’t playing for the team) - no need to worry. Read the updates in the thread.