Blind student gets beaten up and the kid that comes to help him gets suspended.

You asked for verification by the real media.

And? The rescuer stopped an unprovoked and dangerous physical confrontation. What would you have done?

I’ve taken out your petition link, aceplace. You’re not allowed to ask for things like that without prior permission.

I read a headline like this, where everything is so purely black and white, and me first reaction is always “yeah… I’m not being told the whole story.”

Because you can be suspended or worse for intervening.

I have no problem with Kid 3 coming to defense of Blind Kid, but yeah, falling on concrete head first can kill a person, and if Kid Toque had died, Kid 3 would have been responsible for his death; what with sucker punching him from behind like that. I don’t know what the law is in California, but I know that here in Nevada, fighting is a crime and Kid 3 might have faced a manslaughter charge if Kid Toque had died, since he wasn’t defending himself but instead had jumped into a fight.

I seriously doubt a jury would have convicted him (I know I wouldn’t); I’m just sayin’.

I’m quoting this because I thought Dopers knew better than to blindly believe headlines.



When my son was in grade school he saw two kids beating up a special-ed classmate. He stepped in and ended up beating up the two aggressors. He got a three day suspension. I fought it and lost (zero tolerance), so I took three days off from work to take my son out for three days of fun during his suspension.

The system may suck sometimes, but it can be gamed.

Breaking up a fight doesn’t involve throwing punches. That’s how brawls start.

You think schools have nothing better to do than try to figure out who said what, who threw the first punch, listen to a bunch of he-said he-said bullshit, and try to find some innocent hero in this mess?
F that.
You know the rules. No fighting. That means no fighting. You want to throw a punch to be a hero? You face the consequences.


:smiley: that’s great news. Glad to hear that the kid that put down the bully won’t be suspended.

Um, yeah. The article now says the nothing happened to the defender at all. While I wouldn’t have been surprised at another ridiculous situation as described in the OP in this case it didn’t happen. Still missing is any action against the other kids who stood by and watched a blind kid get beat up.

You mean the budding, young journalists?

Yeah, you could have figured that out for yourself if you had read your own link before posting.

In Wisconsin you can come to someone else’s defense using what is basically self defense rules. That is, using just enough force to stop the attack. For example, if you came up to me and started hitting me, I could punch you in the face, I couldn’t, however, pull out a knife and stab you in the stomach unless I feared for my life. Same here, if this was in Wisconsin, and you were beating me up, a third person can use necessary force to stop the fight. If a sucker punch to the back of the head is what it take, so be it. Again, if they were to stab the aggressor, that would probably be seen as taking it to far.


Seems like that exact sentence comes up in all these threads.

No I couldn’t. The article was updated several hours after this thread was started. The school just announced their decision a short time ago.

Well, y’know, we teach our kids to stand up for what’s right… and then it seems that every authority figure in his life has a different idea of “what’s right,” ranging from “don’t fight back if attacked, because then you’re as bad as he is,” to “cheerfully rat out your friends.”

Public schools are in the business of making every single parent happy, which is impossible, particularly in this day and age.