Blinded by the sequential contribution

Sequential threads can be elusive things - lurk for hours watching the ebb and flow of conversation to aquire such gems as:

So I performed the Heimlich maneuver today
Any Hoosier Dopers Wanna Get Together?

For those that ‘inhale’.
My coworkers lunch is making me sick!*

But sequential ** contributions** … interesting? Boring?

This lovely pair by Asimovian

What have you been missing?
Earthquake in LA


Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You — on the Internet
I’m soooo nervous about my interview…


What is Perfectly Legal to Give Away for Free, but Illegal to Sell?
Job hunting advice would be really great right about now…
by * wevets*

Why do i suddenly feel…old?
sssssspssspssspsss herrre kitty-kitty

by featherlou brings to mind thoughts of old crazy cat ladies …