Bling Freakin' Bling!

Check out these
real ballaz. Tru Thugz Neva Die, you know!!!

They’ve been around for ages. Ever been to If there’s a photoshop contest (and there’s always 3 or more a day) you can be guaranteed that the Stuntaz will be there!

Myself I think it’s a parody… be scary if it wasn’t :slight_smile:

OMFG! Skinny white boys who shop for jewelry at JC Penney! And who know some slang!

Wow, somebody get them a record deal!


Um, it’s a joke, right?

Well, it sure made me laugh.

I first saw this page awhile ago, and for the longest time I thought they were the “Icy Hot Suntanz”.

A supposedly legitimate rap musician claimed responsibility for the Stuntaz some time ago, calling it a prank. Apparently he got a few neighbours together and had them pose for the pics, then threw up a website and hacked together a couple of tracks, which were hosted on a year or two ago when I first noticed the Stuntaz (coinciding, as silentgoldfish would predict, with my discovery of fark).

They were taken at face value when they appeared and became the source of a good quantity of ridicule. The account that I read indicated that 1337 |-|@X0rZ the world over hacked their website multiple times, forcing them to change hosts on more than one occasion. If you search google for them, you’ll find a large number of parody sites ranked higher than the “authentic” Stuntaz site.

When I discovered them their tracks had been moved to a subpage of the original author, but I’m having trouble finding them now. Feel free to search around.

Dude. I want an IHS mouse pad.

Hey, I remember these guys! I was disappointed to find out that they are no more real than the very cool Super Greg.

Dat phat bastid is numba’ one!

Hijack: The phrase “bling bling,” much like Justin Timberlake’s music, sounds dumber and dumber to me the more I hear it.

That is all.

I like “ice” better myself.

I have nothing to add, except:

Yes, that’s real.

Don’t forget Mr. Bling!

Is this for real?
Made me laugh, anyway.


Why is this in the pit? It’s an obvious parody.

Hee hee!

First of all, when Vogue magazine uses the term “bling bling”, you know it’s done passed.

Second, we had a clerk in our store who dressed like these guys. I would accuse him (o.k., not professional behavior on my part) of stealing his grandmother’s jewelry. I mean, rhinestone necklace, watch, ring, earrings, the whole works baby! He called himself “PacMan”. He was fond of the color yellow.

That site is the single most hilarious thing i’ve seen in a LONG time. We ballaz!!! It’s classic! I wanna show everyone I know!!

Man oh man oh man. Check out the HATAZ section…

Timmy’s in college and he knows his shiznit…
Okay okay, i’ll stop…

The HATAZ section had me nearly breathless from laughing. Holy crap that’s funny, real or old or whatever.

Oh yeah, the reason I posted this in the pit was, um, actually I don’t remember why. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Any mods want to shove it on over to MPSIMS or whatever, please feel free.