Who were Icy Hot Stuntaz?

Several years ago there was a web page that showed 3 young white men and their sports cars. They called themselves the “Icy Hot Stuntaz” and had nicknames of Blade, Freeze, and Flame. They posed trying to look tough and throwing gang signs.

The web page had the look of a hoax. The .jpegs have been floating around the internet ever since, often photo-shopped, and the text has been modified to make fun of the original concept.

This has been going on long enough to pique my curiousity. Who were these guys? What is the story behind the original photos? There very likely is a writeup in some local paper about the phenomenon. Obviously anyone can post a reply along the lines of “Oh yeah, that was my cousin Vinny and his dumb friends” but it would be more convincing if there is a link to a published story about the photos.

Thanks to any of the TM who can answer this!

If you have a filesharing program, download some of their songs. Just my advice.

I believe they where some kids that lived in the neighborhood of a rapper, and it was his idea to take the pics as a joke. The cars where all his. Sorry i can’t be more specific but its been a while since i read about it, i might totally wrong.

Are the songs just humorous, or do they also give info about the group/joke web site?

Unintentionally comical, perhaps. They sing about pimpin’, bling bling, etc. Stereotypical rap stuff.

Icy Hot Stuntaz

Scroll down to the bottom and highlight the white space.

Interesting hidden message, but this site appears to be one of the later ones that altered the original images, adding their own message. I’m still curious as to the original source, even if this IS the original source, it doesn’t say who they guys are, where they lived, why they dreamed this up as a “make fun of YOU” site.

Check 'em out on mp3.com. The one guy has some sort of rap career and even has a webpage devoted to it.

The geocities site linked above has been up for at least three years… I’ve probably seen it fifty times and never noticed that little easter egg down at the bottom…