Blister Juice?

Well from a result of my sun burn I posted about here:

I had some blisters form on my left shoulder. That was kind of freaky getting blisters from a sun burn!

Anyway my question is, what is the liquid inside of the blisters? Is it just water? Or is it something different?


Generally lymphatic fluid.

It’s serum, the clear part of your blood. It oozes in from blood vessels underneath that were damaged from the burn. The blistering means that you got a second-degree burn, same as if you’d done the same on a hot stove or something similar.


It’s the liquid component fo your blood- the blood serum. Although it may also contain blood, pus and pathogens.

i thought plasma was the liquid part of the blood… what’s the difference?

Blister fluid is a ‘homogenous tissue fluid’ - Plasma is ‘blood fluid’. Both are considered lymph. Good site for blood info.

Blister fluid is a serous fluid, or a transudate. That means its an ultra-filtrate of blood plasma, and thereby has lower specific gravity and protein content.

Just thought you’d want to know.

As a partial hijack…

Qadgop, I have a disease (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa ) where I get blisters very easy from things like walking. (Though my case is not nearly as severe as most of these, read more about it at
Would this be the same thing that is in MY blisters as well?

You forget that a sunburn is a true burn. You have a second-degree burn.

Source: The Merck Manual

I believe it would be, whatami. At least, after reviewing the literature, I think it would be.

Good luck with it. Chronic diseases suck.

Much thanks. My case is not nearly as bad as some people. I just have to be very carefull if I intend to do anything on my feet.

I feel for people that have the real problems.