Blizzard & white-out!

Got a wind warning on our emergency alert earlier this evening. Didn’t seem like much was happening, though. Went to bed.

Woke up to howling wind. Not just wind. Full-on blizzard! It’s a white-out. Can’t see to the end of the block. Houses have disappeared in the white.

Then the power went out.

Winds approaching 100 km/hour.

Emergency alert issued for all of southern Saskatchewan.

Been blowing now for at least two hours. No sign of letting up.

Howling under the eaves.

Emergency alert forecasts it should let up sometime after midnight, but will be blowing snow all day tomorrow.

Power back on.

Some dedicated power employees no doubt had the job of going out into the howling wind to fix it. My thanks to the unknown power guys!

Oops. Power off again - all the street lights just went off.

Just a grey haze outside - must be enough moonlight to keep it lit up a bit.

Upper branches of the trees are dancing.

You did choose to live there, right? :scream:

It’s 9:30pm here, the temperature is 32C and about 70% humidity.
It’s rather unpleasant, but I ain’t for swapping. :nerd_face:

Another typical day, eh?

Man, if I had a work from home job that would be blissful.

I woke up after the first outage and started to reset my alarm. I was almost done when the power went out again.

I just left the stupid thing after that. I knew I’d wake up in time anyway.

That sounds perfectly lovely and exciting – no irony intended! If it’s going to be winter, it may as well do it right. Around here it’s been doing it all wrong. Hardly any snow, and for nearly a week now temperatures have been well above seasonal. It’s all been very boring.

Among the many nice things about winter is the ability to pick up fancy gourmet foods from far away in the Big City and put them in the trunk where they keep nicely chilled on the way home. Lately it’s been barely cool enough to do that.

We’re supposed to get an inch and a half of snow tonight, and I may have to brush off my car in the morning! … Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. :flushed:

Supposed to be 79F and sunny here today. Just sayin’.

Stay warm!

Yabbut youse guys also gots black widow spiders, scorpions, and Trumpists. Plus, freshly fallen snow is a beautiful thing, and produces Christmassy Christmases and, indirectly, hockey.

Hockey…you are claiming that as a good thing?

After a 7 year stint in Alaska, the only snow I want to see is in a cone and the only ice I want to experience in a glass, preferably cooling some alcohol. The vermin are a pain, I’ll admit.

Wasn’t out of the house today, but I hear there was a lot of wind damage to buildings and trees.

Power is also out in parts of the neighbourhood.

Tonight, a gentle snow is coming down with a bit of a breeze.

Sounds like winter in Chicago.

Except our storm winds tend to be a bit higher than that, we’ve ahd them up to the 120-130 kph range. Actually, the gusts sort of start shading into microburst/EF0-1 tornado strength.

Hunker down and stay safe. I recommend chocolate to keep up morale.

I skied yesterday, mostly on dirt, rocks and shrubs. Weather guys says nothing probably for the rest of the month.

You lucky Bas-tud!

I take it you’ve never skied in Saskatchewan.

Just dropped off some Tim’s hot chocolate and chicken soup for some neighbours who have been without power for several hours.

Sounds very Canadian – and especially prairie Canadian! :slight_smile:

This is the first winter I can recall with no snow on the ground in the middle of January. There have been small snow falls here but they all melted. We do have a prediction of 22-24 cm (about 9") here in the next day and a half.

There was more hot chocolate in the Tim’s box than they could drink, so they took most of it over to a neighbour with small kids who had also been without power for several hours.