"Blockbuster Video" vs "Blockbuster"

Some Blockbuster Video stores display signage that reads “Blockbuster Video”. Other locations display signage that just reads “Blockbuster” alone, without the “Video”. Is there a difference between a “Blockbuster Video” and a “Blockbuster”?

As the switch is on from VHS to DVD, Blockbuster is trying to change with the times. I believe they are just removing video from the name to reflect that change, and it’s taking time to ripple through their network of stores.

I base this on the work I do for their online store (we write software for them) but I don’t know the details about their brick and mortar stores.

If, as Telemark says, they are changing the corporate name, it’s probably the newer stores that have the “Blockbuster” signs, where some of the older ones haven’t had their signage replaced yet.