Blockbuster's "No Late Fees"....RIIIIIGHT!

This thing has gotten much hype of late. Like it is some wonderful benefit to the consumer. I looked at their website and it seems (I am SHOCKED TO SAY) to benefit them more than the consmuer.

The gist of the new plan:

All this essentially does is extend rental periods to a full week. After that, it authorizes Blockbuster to charge your credit card for the purchase price. You can bring it back after that for a refund, minus a restocking fee.

Now, I am not criticizing the plan. I think it is smart for Blockbuster. Really hits the DVD scofflaws in the ass and allows Blockbuster to reorder if need be.

I also think it is relatively fair.

But it isn’t some revolutionary policy that people should be cheering about.

It’s kind of like when companies eliminate their customer service line and put out some press release saying “To better serve our customers…”

Am I missing anything here. Is there anything for me to be excited about?

Besides the Pit thread on this topic that has been raging for quite some time?

Not to mention the 5-page rant from a month ago.

Sorry. I didn’t think to search anywhere but Cafe Society. I generally avoid the pit. I take it my lack of jubilence was mirrored?


Let me close this off.