Blockbusters with Attitude!

Here I am watching Amrageddon, and actually enjoying it. It’s a big dumb blockbuster, with a plot and/or characters incredibly over the top. Or just a huge wad of money thrown at some stars and (apparently) a million monkeys chained to ONE typewriter. Usually I hate these movies, but still I end up seeing most of them at the theater or on DVD. It’s not that I can’t identify them.

So why do I do watch these things? I’ve decided it’s because I’m looking for more Amrageddons, which I distinguish by a “nod and wink” ATTITUDE from the cast. They KNOW (and let US know they know) they’re playing basically overdrawn cartoon characters; they KNOW (and let US know they know) their heroic feats are only possible with special effects magic. For me, they evoke playacting childhood games from my own childhood, “Cowboys and Indians” and such.

The blockbusters where the actor’s DON’T “nod and wink” make me cringe. Most recently, Planet of the Apes has driven me away from current blockbuster ever since. Perhaps I will recover someday.

What are some other blockbusters where I can find attitude?

You can skip all the Spielberg and Lucas Films. Been there, done that.