Gonna Drop Blockbuster

A couple of times now, they’ve sent me the wrong thing: *2001 A Space Travesty *for the Odyssey, and the wrong Hootenanny (metal rock instead of folk).

I really only rejoined them for the old movies, especially the German films, but as far as anything major, the Germans’ only DVD available was Das Boot which I already have and I’ve seen all the Hitler (WWII) stuff they have available. One which I enjoyed recently was the STASI one where the guy listened in on dissdents’ conversations. Excellent film!

So are there any alternatives to Blockbuster and Netflix?



I’ve heard some friends say good things about Redbox, which is apparently getting bigger of a name in the movie rental industry.
Never tried them, myself, but you may find it to your liking.

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I love Redbox, Idle Thoughts, and I’m sorry I forgot to mention that we do rent from them almost weekly, but I haven’t checked their site for the kind of stuff I like, and will do so now.