Blocked from the SDMB!

Well it finally happened. My work wised up. I go in on Monday as usual and during a slow point I load up the SDMB but NO!!! The dreaded blocked web address page shows up. Yep, I can no longer access SDMB from work. What a pisser.

I know I’m not the biggest or most frequent contributor here by a longshot, but I’m going to miss being informed every day about so many different interesting things.

I know, I can still read and post from home, but with a 2 month old baby at home and a wife in night school, what free time I have is usually during work hours!

So anyway, thanks a lot SDMB. See you when I can squeeze in a spare moment.

And damn you, you evil corporate losers who blocked my dear SDMB!

No problem, just find a new job. :stuck_out_tongue:

There has to be a creative way around that, I hope you’ll figure something out.

Well, if he(?) does, he shouldn’t discuss it here.

You could always try link removed - CF, but I’m not sure if that would help you circumvent a website block on your own network.

Most content filters also block proxies like that one, too.

Your best bet is to either live with the restriction, or find a new employer.

Or else climb the ranks in the company until you either 1) get to establish internet usage policy, or b) are exempt from the policy.

While there are at times valid reasons for using a proxy service (we have people posting from Saudi Arabia that use them, for example), we are not going to aid someone in breaking his company’s rules. We’re no moral arbiter over how much or how little one should post at work - that’s to everybody’s own discretion. But when the company clearly says “NO” (as evidenced by the SDMB being blocked), then that’s the final answer, as far as we’re concerned.

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